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7 Must-do Practices to Make Your Car Battery Live Longer

A car battery is an integral component of an automobile. From starting your car to charging your mobile phones on-the-go, car batteries provide everything to keep your car rolling. Therefore, …

Real Estate

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Common Home Buying Mistakes You Should Avoid

 Making mistakes is human nature. However, when it comes to buying your home, making small mistakes can hit you hard. Below are a few pointers that you as a buyer …


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PHP In Web Development

Why Should You Choose PHP In Web Development?

PHP is a programming language that is popularly used for web development. It is used for writing applications for desktops, server-side and command-line scripting. The best part about PHP is …


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bullhead MAKI safety glasses

Protect Your Eyes By Choosing The Apt Safety Glasses At Work

Working in a hazardous environment require for workers to take preparatory measures for their protection. Now there are several protective gears available for safeguarding you from harmful accidents. One of …