10 Ways To Celebrate Eco-friendly Ganpati Festival

Ganpati festival on Ganesha Chaturthi is celebrated all over India with much vigor and grandeur. The zeal of the people for this festival cannot be described in words. But all this ardor comes at the cost of massive environmental pollution at the time of immersion of idols. So, to protect our nature from contamination, it is the time when we all should give it a thought and shift towards celebrating eco-friendly Ganesha festivals. This article provides you with an idea about the top 10 ways to celebrate the eco-friendly Ganpati festival.

1. Make Eco Friendly Ganesh Idols

With the mantra ‘Go Green’ in mind, it’s time to switch towards items that are made of biodegradable materials. This will help reduce environmental pollution as they get naturally dissolved in the water at the time of immersion.

2. Save Energy, Save the Planet

Use the decorative lights only at the time of pooja. One thing you should keep in mind that do not go for incandescent light bulbs. Always use compact fluorescent light (CFL) that is energy efficient and saves electricity. You can use some color papers to wrap CFL tubes to get multicolored lights.

3. Use Natural Colours to make Rangoli

Rangoli is an essential part of our festival. But to celebrate the festival in an eco-friendly way, you can opt for natural rangoli ingredients like turmeric, rice powder and Mehendi instead of chemicals. Using natural colors would protect your skin from any harmful chemicals.

4. Limit number of Ganesha idols

Celebrating one Ganesha festival in a community would, in many ways, turn to be eco friendly. Firstly, the more the number of Ganesha idols, the more the level of pollution in water. Secondly, at the time of immersion, it creates huge traffic congestion due to a large number of Ganesha idol precession. Limiting the numbers would also bring down the air pollution level.

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5. Eco-friendly decoration

Most of the Puja committees use non-biodegradable materials for outward decoration. They even make huge pandals with plastic and then dump it causing environmental pollution. So, if the natural and biodegradable materials like wood, cloth, paper, etc. can be used for decoration, it would be more eco friendly.

6. Put a Stop to Plastic

Fruits, Offerings, Prasad are usually distributed among people in plastic bowls or plates and which are thrown into the garbage afterward causing environmental pollution. You can use paper bags or even banana leaves as an alternative option.

7. Avoid loud music and crackers

You must refrain from playing loud music for instance DJs, especially in front of hospitals and old age homes to avoid noise pollution. Rather you can play some soft music and Indian instruments but that too between 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

8. Save Water, Save Life

An artificial immersion tank can be created for the idols to be immersed. It not only saves the natural water resources from pollution but the water in the artificial immersion tank can be used further for irrigation.

9. Reuse and Recycle

The materials that we use for Ganesh puja starting from flowers, garlands to leaves become waste after the puja is over. Use the waste to make compost and you can use it as a bio fertilizer in your garden.

10. Make People Aware of eco-friendly Ganesha

Do not limit your ideas confined to your home only. If you want to celebrate an eco-friendly Ganesha festival, make it all-inclusive participation of the people around your locality. Only then we can save our environment by engaging all of them to celebrate it in the same way.