3 Different Types of Garage Doors That You Can Opt For

Having a personal car is a dream for every car lover. Do you have your own personal car? It’s good if you have able to achieve your dream.

However, owning a car doesn’t make any sense, unless you know how to take care of it. Yes, you can own a car simply by taking loans from any financial institution. But to retain its luster and beauty, you must keep your eye on the maintenance of your car.

What, according to you, is the meaning of a car maintenance? Washing it daily and checking out other car essentials? To some extent yes. But there is another thing that contributes a lot in the maintenance of the vehicle -“A garage”.

A garage and a garage door are mandatory for those individuals who don’t use their car daily. Parking a car in the driveway, for example, under a tree or a lamp post is not safe. To make your car safe and secure from natural disasters and intentional theft, a garage is very much important.

Agree or not?

Now, when it comes to your garage, what is more important is the garage doors.

Assorted varieties of garage doors are built by the engineers using assorted techniques. These include panel section garage doors, roll-up garage doors, and tilt-up garage doors.

We would like to mention, Timber garage doors Melbourne dealers in this context. They are efficient in building and maintaining such garage doors.

Do you have any idea about the different types of garage doors? How they are manufactured?

Don’t worry. We will take care of this.

3 Different Types of Prominent Garage Doors

  1. Panel Section Garage Doors: Panel section garage doors are designed with panel sections teamed with hinges and wheels. Whenever the door is opened or closed, the wheels of the panels scroll inside the vertical section and the hinges attached to the panel sections are bend simultaneously.

    Using this technique, the garage door either goes parallel to the ceiling when it is opened or it goes over the wall when it is closed. A couple of high-tension springs are connected to the cables that are used to open and close the door.

    These are all about the technique. Now coming to the construction of the door, these type of garage doors are made from steel and do not need high maintenance. However, you can customize these doors as per your desire by choosing the hardware, textures, colors, and other essentials.

    Look for a Timber garage doors Melbourne dealer to create such an effective door at your complex.

  2. Rolling up Garage Doors: Another most interesting type of garage door is the rolling up garage doors. These doors are often used in the commercial sector garages. Do you know why?

    Because the rolling up technique is not supported in the area with limited ceiling space. Hence, they are built-in commercial buildings or wide complex.

    Rolling up garage doors are entirely made of steel that can roll up and down easily. They possess enclosed parts, springs, and counterbalance shaft to perform their job.

    Why don’t you look for garage roller doors Melbourne expert to set up such doors in your commercial place?

  3. Tilting up Garage Doors: Unlike the panel section garage doors or sliding doors, these doors have a single section that can be tilted up or down as desired. The engineers make use of a pivoting hinge mechanism to tilt these doors up and down.

    These garage doors appear in canopy style. They remain parallel to the garage ceiling and extended to its front when they are opened. But as you can see, such a mechanism requires a lot of space in front of the house.

    Do you have enough space in front of your garage? Then you can indeed go for this without any hesitation. But if not then you must try something else.


Having trouble to design and build your garage door? Look for a Melbourne garage door solution provider and get your work done with perfection. From sliding doors to Roller doors Melbourne garage door providers are expert in handling these.

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