3 Key Benefits of Using Ceramic Laser Engraving Machines

When it comes to engraving on ceramic products, you must use machines that can do the job without damaging the products. not all marking and engraving techniques work on ceramic products. being hard and brittle in nature, ceramic engraving is one of the toughest jobs for workers.

Having your ceramic products engraved by an unprofessional worker or using incorrect methods and technologies can lead to high toxic levels, ugly and inappropriate engravings, more time consumption, and degraded strength and quality of the products. Ceramic laser engraving machines are capable of controlling heat and hence, they create more detailed, durable and permanent engravings on the ceramic products which ensure product identification and traceability.

Benefits of using a ceramic laser engraving machine

Let’s have a look at some of the key benefits of using ceramic laser engraving machines

  1. No added costs: Engraving ceramics with a laser engraving machine does not require extra consumables such as ink printing and other ceramic engraving techniques which ultimately reduces the cost.
  2. Laser’s Localized energy: The laser’s localized energy enables you to engrave small details on the ceramic products while confining the heat-affected zone to a small area.
  3. No mechanical contact: Ceramic laser engraving machines do have direct contact with parts. This helps you to engrave brittle parts without breaking the product.

Ceramic Engraving Process

The CO2 laser beam produces energy that heats ceramic materials locally. This leads to the formation of micro-cracks on the material surface. Continuous laser processing enlarged the cracks until small chips break loose. After several repetitive laser processes, a deep and detailed laser engraving is created on the surface of the material. The recommended depth for laser engraving on ceramics is 0.012 to 0.015” which is 300 to 375 microns. To avoid excessive heat build-up on the surface, make sure you use multiple passes for ceramics. Once the ceramic engraving is done, clean the surface with a stiff brush to remove small loose chips of the ceramic material.

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There are several brands that provide ceramic laser engraving machines of variant sizes and power. Before purchasing one for your business, make sure you have researched thoroughly about their features, capabilities, IP-rating and other details to ensure that you purchase the right product. these machines are also available online on the major shopping portals including Amazon, Alibaba and other third-party suppliers that deal with laser machines. Check for their reviews and specifications to ensure that the machine suits your business requirements. if you’re going to install a brand-new ceramic laser engraving machine in your workplace, your employees must be well-versed with the technical know-how of the laser engraving machines. If your supplier provides relevant training to your workers on how to handle the machines, and technical support for the machines in the future, you can purchase the machine from that supplier.

You may also consult your local dealers when finalizing the best-suited ceramic laser engraving machine for your ceramic products that ensures better brand identification and traceability.