4 Reason Why Seedbox is the Game Changer in 2019

Fear of missing out isn’t a pleasant thing to encounter, especially when you’re at work trying to socialize. But, your co-workers are discussing showbiz and whatnot but you stand there like a statue smiling awkwardly.

But, you can’t download anything! After all, you’re Torrent is blocked or being supervised by the government. So, what to do? Your peer mentioned investing in a seedbox or plex hosting server. So, without further thought, you’ve got yourself a BiT Torrent account.

Now, the only problem is that you’ve found a good tracker, but the uploading is a mess. Not to mention, the privacy concern. Well, time to consider the advice from your peer and get a seedbox.

This seedbox is basically a plex hosting server that offers super-fast uploading/downloading, where you can anonymously download loads of files into your PC. Sounds legit good, right?

Now, let’s review 5 more Reasons why this Seedbox is a Lifesaver!

  1. Speed is the Need 

Nothing makes an internet user happier than good download/upload speed. Well, thankfully, speed is the best feature of plex hosting servers like seedbox. The reason being most of the accounts are hosted on 100Mbit lines. For example, even if you end up picking the cheapest seedbox service on the internet, you can enjoy a speed of 30Mbit per second.

This sums up to 3,750 KB/s in a second which means, 1/60th of a minute. So, basically, you can download an mp3 file within a few seconds.

  1. Competition Monitoring

One thing you might not be aware of is that private trackers are somewhat competitive. The reason being if the trackers do not have a good ratio, their accounts will become inactive.

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Luckily, if you’ve got a seedbox, your Torrent ratio will rise to 1:1 within mere moments. As a result, it is not uncanny if you find a ratio of 10:1 within 60 minutes.

The best part, however, is that you do not have to switch your device on a keep seeing to placate private tackers, your seedbox will do that for you. You can moreover, add, remove or delete Torrents on an urge.

  1. IPS Limitations no More!

The prime concern you might have been facing is the feeling that your online activities are being monitored. Now, who likes being scrutinized, every moment? Thanks to seedboxes, you can get the government off your back.

The reason being your seedbox traffic won’t be available to the ISP accounts. So, get rid of ‘ISP capping’ and invest in a remote Plex server now!

  1. Security at its Best 

Warning emails from the DMCA is something that has every Torrent user on his/her guard. But, the Seedbox thankfully, one does not have to worry about RIAA & MPAA. Why? Well, your online identity is guarded well via a VPN.

On that note, now that you know of the many perks of seedboxes, hurry and invest in one today. Now, enjoy unlimited songs, movies, files and download/upload anything you want in peace.