4 Treks in Ladakh That Will Give You an Adrenaline Rush-Myles Coupons

Trekking has been no more a sport; it is a region they say. Every trekker feels a greater closeness with nature while on an expedition. Undoubtedly, Northern India has been blessed with some of the greatest landscapes across the globe. Ladakh has always been a dream destination for every trekker. Let’s take you through some of the finest & most adventures treks you can plan in Ladakh next season.

Stok Kangri

Stok Kangri has always been the most alluring trek for adventure lovers. This trek has been famous for being a difficult one; still thousands of trekkers every year visit this highest peak in India which can be trekked. The peak of the destinations is placed on 6153 meters from sea level, which is quite high in terms of altitude to conquer. This one can surely classify under the zone of challenging in terms of difficulty. Mostly this trek takes off from base camp set-up in Spituk. The best season to visit this trekking path has been suggested as Mid June to Mid-October. The approach road has been full of natural scenic delight. Trekkers may experience a dramatic shift in environment between base camp & Stok Kangri peak.

The Himalayan view itself has been breath-taking & the gorgeous Markha valley adds the cherry on the icing. The distinctive climate & the landscaping difficulty make it the most demanding & exhausting trek of India. Mostly the climate will be clear & sunny. Trekkers as well get an opportunity to have a close feel of the local village life during this trek. During the trek, the trekkers will get to see beautiful villages like Rombak & Stok Village. Being an avid trekker is not just sufficient for conquering Stok Kangri, unconditional love for nature & a wholehearted approach to accepting its adversities will also be a much-needed trait for the one aiming to go for this trek.

Nubra Valley

This trek comprises of a walk passing dazzling & colorful destinations. Here the trekkers would pass from the highest motorable mountain passage globally. Trekkers would get to experience a height of 5496 meters in terms of altitude, which is whopping for any trekker. Trekkers are advised to visit the place during Mid June to Mid September for making full use of the favorable climate. This trek can be categorized somewhere between moderate to challenging in terms of difficulty level. Nubra valley trek has been very famous & favorite among trekkers from the globe owing to nature’s magnificent beauty they experience during this.

As well this valley trek has been favorite among those who want to take along their family for the majestic experience. The start point for the trek would be Leh which is a radiantly glorious city of mother-nature. Nubra valley offers a mind-blowing view of Siachen Glacier which has been the highest battlefield across the globe. Valley is placed among Saltoro as well as Karakoram Ranges on the northeast portion of Diskit Village, this exclusive position has blessed this valley with a magnificent view of the beautiful mountain ranges. Diskit Gompa is as well placed here housing the oldest monastery. Here trekkers will get a chance to view the famous Shyok river which is approx 550 km. Despite being a beautiful river this has also the title of the river of death.

Junglam Trek

Junglam trek has been one of the most exciting & adventurous treks of Ladakh. The route of this trek passes by a very high in altitude measuring to 5200 meters, As per experts the ideal time to visit the trek is from July to October. As per the opinion of veteran trekkers, Junglam Trek has been the best trek in summer across Ladakh. This trek takes off from Leh, where the trekkers are required to pass through Zanskar as well as Stok range. The Actual expedition will commence from Hemis. The fact that trekkers have to cross Tilat Sumdo which has been one river ultimately merging Zanskar River makes this one really tiring trek.

Hence, experts would suggest the trekkers undertake the expedition in summer, where the level of the streaming water remains at its lowest making it relatively easier to pass-through. Tilat Sumdo has been one of the preferred base camps for trekkers. The humongous view of the Himalayan Range is indeed the food for the soul. The path of this trek would take you through beautiful mountains such as Kongmaru La, Zalung Karpo La, Chhar Chhar La which provides a breath-taking view of Zanskar River through Zangla Sumdo. During the trek, you may get to see Thiksey Gompa is a very famous tourist destination, this is also much known to be the summer palace for the King.

Spiti to Ladakh

This Trek from Spiti & leading towards Ladakh can be termed as an experience which offers thrill & delight at the same time. During summers the path-ways will have wildflowers blossomed, making the view one of a kind. Trekkers will touch an altitude of 5577 meters. The best time to take up this trek has been suggested as June to October. Even though this expedition is accepting the nature’s rawness, this has been classified between moderate to challenging for difficulty level. The target destination has been title as The Middle Land as its position has been in the middle of India as well as Tibet. This trek is known to pass through some really isolated & barren regions, hence experts always advise only the veteran strong-hearted trekkers to take this up.

The actual trek commences from Kibber Village which runs via thin Parilungbi Gorge as well as Parang River. Parang La gives the magnificent view of Spiti Valley as well as Changthang Valley. Also, trekkers can make use of their Myles Coupons for planning this exceptional journey without any hassle & hurdle. The beautifully bloomed flowers make the journey an experience of a lifetime. During this trek, explorers will get an opportunity to discover the Buddhist Kingdom of India, giving birth to villages having a cultural mix of Indo-Tibetan heritage.

Ladakh has never failed to attract & fascinate tourists & trekkers. Its rawness & natural beauty has been its most precious assets & attractions. The grandeur view of the Himalayan range & wondrous sight of valleys is never to miss experiences for anyone. Do make a plan to take up at least one of this trek in your lifetime to actually look at heaven on earth.