4 Ways to Have Fun on a Business Trip in Vail

Business trips don’t have to be stressful. Yes, the flights, schedules, and meetings can be frustrating sometimes, but they shouldn’t ruin your trip to a new, exciting place. Remember to take time for yourself. Stress — and being run-down — makes it harder for workers to focus and often slows down their pace. Below are some ways to have fun on your next business trip to Vail, Colorado.

  1. Use the Hotel Amenities

Before going on your trip, research the hotel you’ll be staying at and familiarize yourself with the amenities it offers. One of the easiest ways to relax after a long business meeting is to take a dip in a hot tub. However, if you forgot your bathing suit, many hotels offer massages or other spa activities. Even taking a moment to read a book in your room can help. The main goal is to unplug from your job for a few moments to refresh your focus.

  1. Explore the Nature Trails

Vail offers plenty of options when it comes to enjoying the outdoors. Walking and biking trails, such as the Vail Recreation Path, are a great way to get in touch with nature.

You’ll get to see the picturesque scenery and beautiful villages along the paths, and you can experience the lovely sounds that nature brings. After all, no one likes making important decisions when they’re stressed, and even the small act of walking for exercise can help clear your head. Going for a stroll beside the ambling creek can give you the mental clarity necessary to make those tough decisions.

  1. Extend Your Stay

If you’re able, take an extra day or two to enjoy some of the many activities Vail has to offer. If your business trip falls during the winter months, visit one of the top-notch ski slopes or ice-skating rinks. If it’s during the summer, check out one of their dozen-plus golf courses.

If you’re a film buff, the Vail Film Festival is in the spring. And if you’re visiting in the fall, be sure to check out the Eagle Bohn Gondola, which offers breathtaking views of the foliage in the Vail Valley. There’s always something to do whenever you’re in Vail.

  1. Visit the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens

For one of the most relaxing times in Vail, be sure to visit the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens. This attraction is the highest botanical garden in the world (more than 8,200 feet above sea level). It is open year-round, is free to the public, and has an event calendar with frequent tours. One of the events that can’t be missed is the morning yoga class in front of a gorgeous waterfall. What a great way to unwind!

Just because you’ll be working on your business trip doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy yourself. Taking advantage of the area’s activities or your hotel’s amenities will do wonders for your mental health, which in return, will allow you to perform better at your day job.