5 Easy Steps to Teach Your Child How to Ride A Bike

The two-wheeler bike which you bought for your little one is sitting useless in your garage. Your child is just not ready to abandon the toddler tricycle which you brought for him on his 3rd birthday.

If this is your issue and is bothering you for a long period then don’t worry. You have arrived in the right place. We will provide you with 5 super easy steps that will help you to teach your child a two-wheeler bicycle.

1.       Shop smart

Before teaching your child to ride a bike make sure you are investing your money on the right bicycle. Your child would be more comfortable to learning a bike if he’s comfortable with the two-wheeler size.

Don’t be overwhelmed with the variety of bicycles in the kid’s store that also sells 8ft trampoline and what not. It would be better to take your kid with you when shopping for a bicycle.

Check that your child’s feet touch the ground easily when he or she is mounted on the bike. Try to invest a little extra penny on bike which are lighter in weight as it would be easy for your child to handle the bike by his own.

So be smart to shop the apt bicycle for your kid.

2.       Start easy

Be easy on your kid. Start with simple and easy starting tool such as balance bikes to help him get comfortable with the idea of cycling. Bicycles as such helps to build confidence and balance in your child.

Even if you don’t own balance bike then you can install training wheels to your kid’s regular bicycle. Train him on such bike for at least a few weeks. But don’t let him get comfortable with them too much.

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3.       Set the scene

Teaching your child a two-wheeler bicycle can be easy if the space is open and free of any obstacles. Try to find a space that is safe as well. Otherwise a place as a narrow sidewalk or a neighbourhood street is dangerous for your child’s safety along with other pedestrians as well.

Thus, be selective about choosing the right place to give bicycle lessons to your child.

4.       Provide safety equipment

Make sure that you purchase safety pads and helmet for your child. Ensuring safety equipment to your child in the bicycling lesson will boost your child’s confidence.

Plus, this will also make sure that he does not get hurt intensely if he falls off. You can easily purchase these safety items from bicycle shop itself.

5.       Ride along

It would be great motivation for him if you also ride the bicycle with him. As children can be tenacious in nature, seeing you ride a bicycle will further make him eager to learn the bike.

Eagerness as such can be help him extensively to learn bicycle quickly and easily.

Follow these steps and you’ll be amazed how speedily your little one learns to ride a bicycle on his own. You can purchase the best bikes for your kid from shops that even deals with toddler tricycle, 8ft trampoline, etc.