5 Essential Roles That A Project Manager Executes

Every complex task requires a skillful authority for its success and accomplishment. Similarly, behind every prosperous project lies the contribution of a Project Manager.

Well, for sure every team member does its part for making a project successful. But it is the Project Manager that holds every team member together.

The role of this job position holds such a significant place in an organization that there are many training center Dubai and in other places offering project management courses.

You can apply to the best project management training courses centers for becoming a Project Manager. But before you do that checkout the list below for finding out the 5 key roles executed by a Project Manager.

1.       Commencing the project

The very purpose of a Project Manager is to roll out the project essentials. In simple words, a Project Manager is the one that commences a project. All the initial assessments related to the project are executed by him/her. The following are the tasks that a Project Manager performs to start off the project.

  • Evaluating project requirements
  • Identifying the needful resources and assets
  • Determining dependencies
  • Calculating the budget
  • Estimating timeline or schedule
  • Assessing potential risks

2.       Developing project details

The planning of a project requires precise detailing of every aspect. Hence, the skillful mind of a Project Manager can only do the needful. Thus, the role of strategically documenting the entire plan of a project falls under the domain of a Project Manager.

In planning out a project the enumerated steps are taken.

  • Developing project-related processes and policies
  • Elucidating final project activities
  • Assigning the varied tasks to the team members
  • Establishing project objectives, scope, specifications, etc.

3.       Briefing project parameters, methodologies and policies

As soon as the project plan is formulated, the following step involves briefing the project-based policies, objectives and other parameters. Since the Project Managers are the ones developing the framework, they are the only ones that play the role of communicating them to the team members and other project members.

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This helps in establishing the appropriate expectations for all the members involved in a project. From setting out expectations for every stakeholder to implementing complete project documentation, the Project Manager does it all.

4.       Monitoring progress

Without proper monitoring, you can never expect a project to be completed at the scheduled time. It is one of the prime job role of a Project Manager to monitor the progress of a project.

They have an authoritative position in a project and it is they who have the flexibility to scrutinize the advancement of the project activities. Within this role, the following steps are involved –

  • Detecting conflicts and resolving them
  • Addressing obstacles
  • Rewarding excellence
  • Initiating solutions when it is necessary
  • Updating the stakeholders with detailed progress reports

5.       Closing of the project

This part of the job sounds like an easy task but it is certainly not. With each project, there is something new to learn. Plus, closing off the project does involve certain formal steps that are executed by the Project Manager only. These steps include –

  • Congratulating the team members for accomplishing the project
  • Conducting comprehensive and sincere post-analysis of the project
  • Delivering actionable insights and recommendations for future projects

But that’s not all. A Project Manager has a lot in its bag that requires him or her to execute. It really depends on the field of work and the company he or she is involved with.

Now that you know the essential roles that a Project Manager delivers it is time for you to take necessary steps for becoming efficient in this position. You can take help from the best project management training courses offered by training center Dubai and in places worldwide.