5 Jazz Club You Should Never Miss Out In New York City

If you’re going for a tour in New York City, then taking part in Jazz performances NYC is a must. You’ll miss the main attraction of the city if you miss out this jazz performance. Being the center of jazz world, this city is filled with one of the greatest musicians of all time. This place is known to be good for the aspiring jazzers also to test their abilities against the top class performers.

In this article you’ll be covered up with the top places where you should definitely pay a visit if you want to make your night count. These are the places good for people who like to get lost in old classic roots and also for the one who like hear the contemporary.

Let’s have a look at these top places for jazz concerts.

  • Village vanguard

Village vanguard is one of the oldest jazz clubs in New York city. The club was opened back in 1930. Back in that time, the club was opened for beat poetry and folk music. Since its inception, the club has gained immense popularity with legendary performance by one of the greatest musicians of all times. From 1957 when the club was opened as jazz venue some of the best live jazz albums of all time has been recorded here.

  • Dizzy’s club

If you want to test the best traditional jazz music directed by legendary musicians, then this is the place for you. It’s one of the best places to spend your evening with live music late night with craft cocktails in front.

  • Smalls jazz club
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Small jazz club is located near the vanguard club. Since its inception in 1994, it’s known as the mainstay of jazz concerts New York City. For crazy music fans a regular jazz session begins at late night and continues till the sun rises. Legendary musicians like Johny O’Neill and Frank Lacy are regular performers of this club.

  • Jazz standard

The club is located close to Madison Park. Regular performance including Brazilian jazz is conducted here by some of the best artists. Being the combination of club and restaurant, you’ll have the choice of world-class menu before you. Like any other club like vanguard, only one particular day is booked for the big performance.

  • Blue note

Blue note is not only located in New York City but also in California, Brazil, japan, china, Hawaii and Italy. It’s considered one of the premier clubs of jazz music since its inception. Not only in NYC but all over the world this club has spread its popularity with an innovative music approach. Now the club has introduced several shows all through the day and night.


If you’re new in the city and have no clue to find out which jazz concert would be the best place for you, then you can take help of local guides. There are several guide options available throughout the city. Jazz performances NYC will add one of the best experiences in this city.