5 Tips to Ascend the Mountains Safely

Mountaineering needs a proper understanding of different subjects like map reading, ropework, navigation skills, and understanding the mountain weather condition. You should never undertake mountaineering slackly. Otherwise, you may end up paying your life. However, the beauty of the mountain can only be enjoyed once you have proper understanding of mountaineering. Here are some tips to do mountaineering safely.

  1. Planning and preparation

You need to plan your time accordingly to prepare for the ascent. The chances of you being successful in climbing the mountain depend on your preparation. The more you prepare the better you can climb. Also you need to manage your time to plan the routes and prepare your gear. Your gear will be your survival kit for the time you will be outside, so it’ll be better if you run a trial test on your gear and make sure everything is in perfect condition.


  1. Get those mountaineering boots

Once you decide to climb high altitude like mount Aconcagua, then the first thing you need to do is to buy a good pair of mountaineering boots. Also, you need to buy shoes depending on the weather. For summertime, it would be best to choose walking boots, whereas for winters a crampon boot would work perfectly.

  1. Mountaineering food

While climbing Mount Aconcagua, you won’t get any local food or grocery shop to do your shopping. So, it’s better to carry ample amount of food and water in order to sustain those days. You need to have proper understanding of which foods to carry while you are in the mountains. There are certain foods that give you instant energy and certain foods that make you feel disconsolate. So it’s better to consult with expert guides to have knowledge about the foods you need to carry.

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  1. Have understanding of the weather

Before you start your mountaineering journey make sure you’ve got all local weather forecast. In case of unfavorable weather condition, you should never start climbing in high altitude. So, checking climate condition is essential to start off the journey.

  1. Emergency precautions

None take proper precaution for the emergency. Because people think it can never occur to them. Well, it’s foolhardy to think like that. Emergency can occur to anyone at any time. So, it’s better to stay prepared for any situation like that. In the mountain, it will be a test of your decision-making abilities. Some of the common tips to follow in emergency are as follows;

  • A minute problem can escalate into a significant one if you treat it in the rush. So, remain calm and composed.
  • Call out for help in times of emergency.
  • In the mountains, any minute casualty can cause major accident so never attempt that.


The Mount Aconcagua is famous for trekking, beauty, climate, etc. It is the highest mountain in Argentina. If you don’t know How to climb Aconcagua, then it’s best to go along with a group or organization. There are organizations which conduct expeditions on a period gap. They have professional and experienced mountaineers who ensure high-end safety of the climbers.