7 Must-do Practices to Make Your Car Battery Live Longer

A car battery is an integral component of an automobile. From starting your car to charging your mobile phones on-the-go, car batteries provide everything to keep your car rolling. Therefore, it’s very important to know when you need a dead battery replacement and what can you do to improve the performance and life of your car battery. Dubai is an exquisite hub of the world’s most iconic car brands. Nearly every family in Dubai owns a standard car which has led to busy roads especially during rush hours. This results in excessive strain on the engine and car battery which ultimately reduces their lifespan. Moreover, the extreme climatic conditions in Dubai also affect the life of the car battery causing it to drain excessively within a short period of time. With various factors contributing to the degradation of car battery life, the past couple of years have witnessed a tremendous rise in the demand for buying a car battery online UAE.

What’s an Average Life of a Car Battery?

The average lifespan of a car battery ranges between 3- 5 years. One of the most important factors that cause a flat car battery is the climatic condition. Car batteries running in a scorching hot day is likely to face severe energy drain which increases the chances of early battery discharge if you don’t take precautionary methods when driving in summer or extreme climatic conditions. Moreover, hot weather evaporates the liquid in car batteries which damages the internal structure and call for a dead battery replacement. Therefore, the average life of a car battery can be determined by considering in which climatic conditions you’ll be driving in.

Regardless of the weather conditions or temperature you drive in, taking care of your car battery properly can improve its performance and extend its life to a few more years. Have a close look at the following 7 tips to keep your car battery running longer. However, if your car battery died early due to any reason, then you have no other option than to buy car battery online Dubai at the best car battery price in UAE.

  1. Reduce Short Rides

Frequent short rides prevent your car’s battery from getting fully charged. Driving your car for longer periods frequently maintains your car’s battery power and keeps it running optimally. If your car is not in use very often, consider buying a portable car battery charger as it can quickly start your battery without the help of another vehicle if you’re ever stuck at some point.

  1. Securely Fasten Your Battery

It is strongly advised to keep your car battery tightly fastened and properly positioned in the battery tray. Fastening your battery securely helps you prevent damages arising from vibrations and short-circuits. Also, make sure to check the position of your battery terminal especially if you’re driving on bumpy roads.

  1. Do not Leave Your Lights On

Leaving your headlights and car door lights on can severally drain your car battery causing an early discharge. You may set reminders for turning off the lights by posting a note on your dashboard, or attaching a sticker on your car remote or park your car in such a position that you walk past through the headlights to go to your desired destination.

  1. Do NOT use Electronics to Exhaust the Energy
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If your engine is not running, you must avoid using electronics such as music systems or air conditioners while idling as it will only drain your battery rapidly and result in a flat car battery.

  1. Know the Life of Your Battery

Consider checking the condition of your car battery occasionally. This will help you know whether you need to buy car battery online Dubai or just send it for maintenance to extend the life of your car battery. You may approach a reliable mechanic to know the life of your car battery or test the battery’s output voltage level using a car battery tester to know how well you are keeping your battery. If the situations are not healthy, you may opt for a dead battery replacement. There are several online portals that sell car batteries online in UAE. However, when selecting the best car battery in UAE, it is important to exhaust all the options available and buy a new one at the best car battery price in UAE.

  1. Prevent Corrosion

Corrosion of battery terminals is inevitable, however, scrubbing and cleaning them occasionally is a great way to extend your car battery’s life. You may use a soft toothbrush dipped in a baking soda and water solution to scrub the terminals and then rinse it by spraying cold water. Lastly, with a dry clean cloth, you may wipe off the wet surface.

  1. Ensure Regular Tune-ups

Taking your car and car battery for scheduled maintenance services also contributes to long-life of your car battery. In addition, keeping your car in a good condition also helps you ensure the peak performance of your car battery. All the parts work together to keep your vehicle running, therefore, it’s important to take care of all the parts of your car and extend its life as well as the life of your car battery

Final Words…

No matter how much you care for your car and the car battery, you’re likely to encounter car battery failures at one point. You can’t always foresee when your car battery may die and you have no option than to buy a car battery online UAE. Car batteries are available in various sizes, types, and features. Some of the car batteries available in the Dubai automotive market include Solite car battery, CMF batteries, European brands and American brands, AGM car battery Dubai UAE and more. However, before investing in the dead battery replacement, you must make it a point to do your homework thoroughly. There are several car battery review sites that give you a comprehensive comparison between the best car batteries sold in Dubai and top 8—battery replacement service companies. Whether you’re looking for the Solite battery price Dubai UAE, or comparing the car battery price in UAE on different shopping portals, or evaluating the exclusive features of the best car battery in UAE, these open sources will be of great help when examining or buying the best-suited car battery depending on your car type. If you’re planning to buy a car battery online Dubai and looking for expert advice, you may approach a reliable supplier or dial a toll-free 800 battery replacement company that will help you buy the best car battery in UAE at the best car battery price in UAE.