All you need to know about Angelic Diablo 2

Know About Angelic Diablo 2

Diablo 2 is one of the greatest video games of all time and items of this game are heavily sought-after by diablo 2 players who want to enjoy a better gameplay experience. One such item set is Angelic Raiment or diablo angelic 2. Angelic diablo 2 has very important jewellery which is considered very useful for its level.

Further it also has a very high-defense armor. Angelic diablo 2 is considered by many to be one of the most powerful early-mid game sets. The only drawback of angelic diablo 2 is that it has a very weak weapon. Excellent partial set bonuses can be availed through angelic diablo 2, which makes it a lot more accessible.

What are the benefits of buying the full angelic diablo 2 set?

The full angelic diablo 2 set has a required level of 12, required strength of 36, required dexterity of 25 and comprises of the following four items: – 1) Angelic Mantle 2) Angelic Sickle 3) Angelic Halo 4) Angelic Wings

There are a lot of online stores which sell angelic diablo 2 sets and you can get many bonuses after you buy such a set. You will get all resistances increased by + 25. You will also get half-freeze duration. That’s not all, you will also get increased dexterity by +10 and increased mana by +50. You will also have 40% better chances of getting magic items.

What are the features of the angelic diablo 2 set?

Now that we have established the many benefits of the angelic diablo 2 set for players of the game, let’s have a look at the different features of the angelic diablo 2 set.

  • Angelic Wings Amulet has a rarity of 155.5/1000. It provides +3 to light radius and 20% of the damage taken goes to mana. If you wear 2 items you will get +75 to life and when you wear 3 items you will get +1 to all skills.
  • Angelic Halo Ring has a rarity of 300/100. It can replenish life by +6 and can also add +20 to life. If you wear 2 items you will get +12 to attack rating per Clvl. If and when you wear 3 items you will have a +50% better chance of getting your hands on the magical items in the diablo 2 game.
  • Angelic Mantle Ring Mail. Let’s have a look at the different attributes of the angelic mantle ring mail. It is a medium armor which can reduce damage by 3 and can enhance defense by +40%. It has a durability of 26, Defense of 68, and the require Str is 36. If you wear 2 items the defense will increase by + 150. If and when you wear another item of this set, the defense of the armor will increase to 218. Upon wearing 3 items of this set, the fire resistance will increase by +50%.
  • Angelic Sickle Sabre has a dexterity of 25, required str of 25 and durability of 32. It has a damage level of 3-8 and if you wear 2 items you can get +75% enhanced damaged. Upon wearing another item of the set, you can increase the damage of the Angelic sickle sabre by 5-14. Upon wearing 3 items, you will be able to increase the attack speed of the Angelic Sickle Sabre by 30.
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Where to buy angelic diablo 2 set?

If you are planning to buy angelic diablo 2 set, the good news is that there are a lot of online stores from where you can buy this set. You can search the internet and browse different options before settling down on the option best suited to your interests.

You should ideally buy the angelic diablo 2 set from online stores who have a proven and verifiable track record of selling authentic angelic diablo 2 sets.