Amazon Fire HD 8 On the side

Making intensive use (more than four hours of online multimedia playback, about two hours of play, three hours of streaming music and social network queries), a charge gives us at least a day and a half, this If we make more moderate use. In short, we can use it quietly without being too aware of the battery we have left, especially if we are going to use it for a few hours a day in our leisure time.

Fire OS: the bottleneck for those looking for a full equip low-cost

Beyond the technical specifications, which is an aspect to take into account but that happens to another plane when prioritizing the price, what we have to take into account is what is the current experience with Fire OS. The company continues to opt for its own software for its devices and this implies something more than a navigation or layout of the elements something different: a very fair assortment of apps.

The system has a tab structure based on the content, starting from the Home (which is the app drawer) and following the pages Books, Videos, Games, Buy, Apps and Music, as well as a tab for recent uses and two accesses To the Library (of apps) and purchase. As a standard we have all the Amazon apps installed (store, Appstore, Video, Books, Music, Photos) and the ones for the system for mail, calendar, Silk browser or camera among others. It is different from Android and iOS, but it’s pretty deductive.

Amazon Fire 7 and HD 8, Futurescope‘s View

The tablet format does not go through its best moment with the rise of convertibles, but these are not characterized by a precisely low price, as it is actually a hybrid between laptop and tablet (and incorporate technologies such as 4K or improving materials). Hence, continue to opt for low cost make sense, especially for the user who wants a display panel, without SIM card and without looking for a last or special design.

The Amazon Fire HD 8 with the Amazon sleeve.

That is and was the play of the Fire, and in this case we have two options at a devastating price. If this is the priority requirement and well above the rest, including the possibilities of communication or integration in the user’s own ecosystem, these are very valid options as basic tablets.

Amazon Fire Screens

Perhaps it would have been worth starting from a slightly higher minimum of hardware, considering that with the slightest difference between the two, it is already noticeable in experience, and forget that GB of RAM as a starting point. The tablets run the contents well and we may not be too sensitive to a low resolution (which will compensate in the autonomy), but the day to day involves many taps beyond the reproduction and delays in these and the openings penalize and Do not understand technical demands or manias: after the days, tires.