Backyards Made Better: Ways To Improve Your Backyard Space

Have you been struggling with a backyard that’s just lackluster? Whether this realization came from you or from your guests, you can definitely do something to improve the situation. Here are some ideas on how you can better your yard.

Revive furniture instead of replacing them.

If you have old outdoor furniture in your backyard, it might have already weathered so much to point of malfunction. Instead of replacing them with new furniture, why not just bring them back to working condition? By reviving old furniture, you get to save up on costs while getting an opportunity to redesign the said object with new features.

An old wooden chair that has faded in color can be polished and painted with a fresh, earthy hue. An old table with broken stands can be repaired, this time with metal legs or a material of similar strength. Just make sure you know what other garden or yard owners have to say about the material. For instance, tires as plant pots might not be a good thing because the material might release toxic elements to the plant every time it’s watered.

Find a power spot and work on it.

A power spot can be somewhere in your yard that attracts guests whenever they see it. The spot could involve a scenic view, a trellis with growing plants, or deck tiles that form fascinating patterns. Once you’ve identified this focal point in your backyard, give it a function that guests can appreciate.

If the power spot is a lower point in the backyard, you can turn it into a natural gathering area. If it’s on an elevated point, it can instead be turned into a sitting area overlooking the rest of the backyard. There can be multiple focal points like these in one yard, and it’s up to you whether to work on just one or improve every power spot.

Check the quality of materials for use.

Make sure you thoroughly check the nature of the materials that you intend to use for improving the yard. Each material has specific needs when it comes to maintenance. Some need to be cleaned more often or be cleaned in a different way than others.

Wooden furniture, for instance, they necessitate annual oiling to prevent graying in color. Consider how the material will work with its environment once you’ve put it there. A common example would be aluminum, which can be portable, light and affordable. Just don’t leave it exposed to strong winds though, which can easily blow the material away.

Go for multifunctional objects.

Investing in multipurpose furniture not only serves as a cost-efficient choice but a space-saving one as well. If you have a storage piece, you can turn it into chair-like furniture. This way, it can be used for housing various objects while providing extra seating.

Pick plants that can thrive in your soil.

The plants in your yard also need attending to. When selecting seedlings to grow in your soil, make sure that they can thrive or grow with other existing plants there. Don’t place plants that could grow like vines and choke nearby plants. It might also be unwise to put big plants beside smaller ones because the former might block out sunlight intended for the latter.

To further ensure your plants would grow properly, invest in getting quality planting products. While there are many of these in the market, the products vary in price and effectiveness. Just get one that fits your budget and needs. If you are struggling with weeds in your yard, find the weed killer rated most effective by buyers. If you need to grow grass in your lawn, find grass seeds recommended by online or physical sellers.

Install outdoor lighting properly.

You can also improve your backyard with outdoor lights. When installing these fixtures, make sure that it’s just set at the right level that suits your intention. If you need these lights to make or maintain a romantic mood, you can use LED bulbs that use low-wattage. If you intend to use the lights to add drama in your yard, you can install uplighting into a tree base or a potted plant.

You can also create a festive feel in your yard by using a string of lights. If you simply need to light different areas in the yard, you can invest in solar lights or those that are rechargeable. This way, you can put them at different angles without worrying about wires or plugging them to an outlet all the time.

Display a collection to add spectacle.

You can add attraction to your backyard by gathering objects that pique curiosity and then display them for guests to see. If you have been growing several succulents, you can group them on outdoor shelves or eye-level containers. If you have an anthill or nest contained within a glass container, you can display this for visitors to pore over.

If you have souvenirs from trips to faraway beaches, farms, or mountains, you can showcase these in the power spot or focal point of the yard. These objects can be seashells, volcanic rocks, or shed animal skin. Seeing these can spark interest in your guests and give insights on your lifestyle. This can then lead to questions and spirited conversations.

Organize your plants and objects.

While it’s good to add spectacle to your yard, make sure to do so in a way that won’t overwhelm your guests. When thinking about plants and objects to highlight in your yard, you can organize them according to certain types. For instance, you can group flowers according to color or shade.

In organizing these plants or objects to be used for spectacle, be sure not to overdo it. Displaying everything you think needs to be seen might compromise the existing space of your yard.

Backyards Made Better

These ideas show you how to make your backyard more spectacular by using existing materials, organizing them, and maximizing focal points in your yard, among others. By acting on these opportunities for improvement, you can invite your guests over to your backyard, made better.