Best Italian Marble

Italian marble gives a fresh appearance to the house floor, kitchen, rooms, walls and bathrooms. This is because of its beautiful colour, special strains and lustres’. It is basically used for decorative purposes in hotels, offices of multinational companies, restaurant, resorts, shopping malls, schools, houses and other industries. It is due to its elegant visual effect. Best Italian marbles are highly durable and they have a very long life. Italy is the largest exporter of these Italian marbles. India import the best Italian marble used in flooring from Italy. It also has huge demand around the world. These marble stones are really very good and durable. Perlato, Dyna and beige marble are some of the best types of Italian marbles.

There are many dealers, suppliers and manufacturers of Italian marbles in India. This Italian marble comes in various designs, colours, patterns and sizes. It comes in the form of tiles and slabs. Price of the best Italian marble may vary according to the colour, and quality. People basically use 5 best Italian marble for flooring. These are Botticino marble, grey William, royal Diana, statuario and Rosso Verona. Botticino classic marble has beige colour and has unique brown veins on it. It is perfect for flooring outside and wall cladding. It is found in the town of Botticino that is why it is known as Botticino classic marble. It is one of the finest and luxurious marble among all other Italian marbles. It can be used in the living room, hotel lobby and bathrooms.

Grey William is a marble that comes in grey colour with whitish veins over it. It is generally imported from Italy and turkey. This kind of marble can be used in living rooms as it looks cosy. It can also be used in lobby areas, bathrooms and wall cladding. Royal Diana contains thin and thick brown veins pattern over it and generally comes in beige colour. This marble is the most popular Italian marble that is used for flooring purposes in India. It is perfect for flooring in bathrooms, bedrooms and entrance areas. Statuario is a kind of marble that contains white colour in maximum along with grey veins over it. This is one of the most beautiful marbles that comes in white colour. It is used by the users to give a unique pattern on the floor. To add brightness to the room, this marble is the best option. It can be used in the living room, kitchen, reception, and bedroom and lobby area. The Rosso Verona is a red marble and has brown veins on it which give it a unique look. It is used for the purposes of indoor flooring. It is an Italian marble which is imported from Italy and also known as Verona red marble because of its red colour. This marble gives an elegant look to the floor and hence can be used in bathrooms, lift area, wall claddings and reception area.

Due to these features and benefits, Italian marbles are best used in flooring purposes.