All You Should Know About Getting Your Certificate Apostilled In India

Getting educational certificates apostilled is a gradual process. This takes time, effort, and money. Fortunately, you can always contact a professional agency to handle the process on your behalf in the shortest time possible. When planning to move to another country to seek employment, you will need to move with attested educational certificates.

The authenticity of your educational certificates is always of great concern to potential employers. Before submitting them, it is very important to have them apostilled and the appropriate seal placed. This is one of the requirements for applicants with documents from other countries. Keep in mind that you will need to have the documents translated by a certified translator to ensure that they are in the local language of the host country.

Getting your documents apostilled

It is very important to find a reputable agency to handle the process of getting your certificates attested. This should have a fast track record of handling certificate apostillation for the country where you are to submit them. The authentication procedures don’t follow the same sequential stages for every certificate.

Luckily, the professional agency usually has the experience and understands guidelines better regarding apostilling academic certificates from different countries. Contacting a professional agency for document apostille in India will save you the burden of handling the process on your own. You will have peace of mind that your certificates are apostilled in the shortest time possible.

Why get your document apostilled

Academic certificates validate educational qualifications for proof that you graduated from an educational institution. It also validates that you passed the examination expressing your ability to perform in professional positions. Getting academic certificates are issued after getting the minimum grade mark from an examination.

The education certificate you have shows your suitability to that particular position. A certificate marks the relevance of that particular degree to the authorized educational institution. During the application process, hiring managers stipulate the appropriate qualifications for a particular position. This is where having a relevant certificate comes in to portray your suitability for the position.

However, the certificate has to be apostilled to make it legalized in another country. During the application process, certificates of all applicants are gauged to determine their authenticity and suitability for the position. Therefore, having a matching certificate is not enough when not attested by a recognized body.

Why hire a professional agency to apostille your certificate

The process of apostilling your education certificate is gradual and takes quite some time. Keep in mind that this might require your attention in every stage of the authorization process. This is likely to become burdensome when you have other tasks to handle.

Fortunately, a professional can handle the process on your behalf to save you the trouble. This might require the company to send an agent to pick your documents without paying advance until the documents are apostilled.

There is possibility to track the progress of your certificate throughout the process with a real-time tracking feature. This enhances assurance that you are dealing with a reputable agency. You will have peace of mind as you wait for your certificate to be delivered with the apostille seal. This is when you are to pay the company for the service rendered after being satisfied.

Keep this in mind

It is very important to entrust your certificate with a reputable agency that guarantees total security of your important documents. This might require an appropriate insurance policy on agreement with clients. Apart from the online tracking feature, the company should have a 24/7 customer service department to enhance customer gratification. Some of the documents that might require getting apostilled include:

  • Mark sheets
  • Board certificate
  • Transfer certificate
  • Diploma certificate
  • Degree certificates
  • Engineering certificate

How to handle documents issued from India

Authenticating documents in India requires getting a seal from the ministry of external affairs. This is obtained from the respective embassy of the country you are planning to travel to. You have to submit the certificate that needs an apostille with originals including:

  • Bonafide verification certificate from the university
  • Final year mark sheet for the academic certificate
  • Course affiliation to the university for the whole graduation period
  • Degree certificate from a government authorised educational institution

The process of authenticating the certificate varies according to the nature of the document. Therefore, always seek assistance from a professional agency to give you the necessary assistance. This will see you through the procedures seamlessly on your behalf. The ideal agency will offer you the convenience and priority assistance to get your certificate apostilled.


Getting your educational certificate apostilled is very important when seeking employment in another country. The process takes time, effort, and money. Fortunately, you can seek assistance from a professional agency to handle the process on your behalf. This will handle the whole process to ensure that your certificate gets the apostille seal in the shortest possible time.