Common Reasons Why You Should See a Family Dental Troy MI

Family dental Troy MI are the best people who can help you attain a white sparkling smile. Achieving and maintaining good oral health can have many life-changing benefits for a person. To prevent dental diseases and maintain good health, you must pay regular visits to your family dental Troy MI, brush your teeth twice a day, floss, and watch your eating habits. However, many of us overlook our oral hygiene until we suffer from serious issues such as cavities, a severe gum infection, and oral cancer.Here are some of the signs that will help you know it’s time that you schedule your visit to your family dental Troy MI.

Constant Toothache or Hurting Gums

These can be taken as good signs that it’s time to schedule an appointment with your family dental Troy MI. Aching gums are caused due to some common dental problems including Dentin hypersensitivity and root sensitivity can be caused due to the presence of peroxide in your toothpaste. The substances penetrate your enamel causing increased teeth sensitivity. Other reasons for weak tooth enamel are an excessive consumption of acidic or sugary food and drink and/or gum recession. As you grow older, gum recession becomes a common problem. Once you identify this early sign of gum disease, you must see your doctor as soon as possible. Tooth decay also happens by being lazy to brush your teeth or floss after eating acidic or sugary food/drink which causes unbearable toothaches. Additionally, bruxism is another reason that causes severe teeth pain. This is the outcome of crooked teeth, excess stress, and/or bad jaw alignment. If you suspect no signs of decaying or disease in your teeth or gums and still experience toothaches, it might be due to the chronic grinding of the teeth. As a result, this can weaken your tooth enamel, increase the chances of decay and infection, and will damage the crowns of your teeth. Bruxism is a common problem faced by the majority of the population. Therefore, if you identify this dental issue, you should prioritize your time to see a family dental in Troy MI and get a fitting mouthguard.

Damaged or Broken Teeth

Whether you’ve banged your head against something or had a physical fight, if you notice any damage in your teeth, you should consider seeing a family dental Troy MI. Neglecting the problem or postponing an appointment with your dentist can only aggravate the condition. After diagnosing your teeth, they may suggest you with filling, caps, bonding, dental implants, or any other solution.

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Bleeding Gums

Do you find bleeding gums while brushing or flossing? If yes, then this may be an initial stage of severe gum disease or infection. Bleeding gums are caused due to the accumulation of plaque. The remaining plaque has germs and bacteria damage the healthy tissues around your teeth and lead to gum bleeding. If neglected, this plaque can develop into hardened tartar which is an early sign of Periodontitis. In addition to these problems, gum disease can also cause diabetes, heart disease, poor sexual health, stroke, cancer, and much more. so, next time if you find your gum bleeding, it is wise to visit a family dental Troy MI as soon as possible.

Foul Mouth Odor

Bad breath is not only the cause of public shame but also of bad oral health. Bad breath or Halitosis is caused due to several reasons including poor oral hygiene, intake of tobacco, gum disease, and Xerostomia or Dry Mouth. If you too have a bad breath, you should consider visiting a family dental Troy MI that will help you identify the cause and suggest necessary treatments.

Mouth Sores

Having occasional mouth sores is normal. Although these can be healed with time, these often make eating and drinking very uncomfortable. However, not all mouth sores are safe. There might be some cases when these mouth sores can be early signs of oral cancer. If you’re suffering from mouth sores for a couple of weeks, you should consider seeing a family dental Troy MI.


If you notice brown/black spots on your teeth while looking at a mirror, you shouldn’t neglect this and take it as an invitation to visit a family dental Troy MI. The dental specialists will identify the cause and suggest you with the right solutions.

Wiggly Teeth

Loose or wiggly teeth is a common sight in babies. However, it’s not normal when it happens with young or elder people. If your tooth is falling off, it may because it is losing support and eventually detaching from the bone and gum. Its other symptoms may be gum recession, bleeding, or swelling. This is indeed a matter of concern which calls for a dental checkup.


Seeing a family dental in Troy MI is not only a good practice for children but also for adults. Identifying the early signs of severe dental diseases and getting the necessary treatments can keep you away from the risks of poor oral hygiene and ensure you wear a beautiful smile always.