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Tooth fillings are one of the most common dental care procedures and many of us would have had the first-hand experience as well. These fillings help restore a tooth with cavity or decay to its original form.

A dental filling procedure works by thorough cleaning to get rid of the dirt in the tooth, followed by filling the spot with a specific filling product. A filling seals the gap and prevents the germs from going further down and damaging the roots.

Types of fillings

Porcelain, ceramic, gold, composite resin, and amalgam are few of the types of materials that can be used for filling. No particular type of material can be generalized as a -best kind of filling- since the choice of filling is based on several factors.

Gold fillings fit well and last for years. They are one of the most expensive filling options available. They are first made in a laboratory and then cemented on the spot by the dentist.

Silver tooth fillings are cheaper compared to gold and are also fairly resistant to wear and tear. Since they are dark in colour they are not suitable to be used at visible places of the mouth, particularly the front teeth.

Composite fillings are one of the most popular kinds and can be made as per the exact tooth colour of the patient. They also have quite a long life. But such kinds of fillings are not suitable for big cavities. Composite fillings are also not advisable to be used at locations where they can chip.

The final kind of filling is porcelain. A porcelain filling can be made to match the exact colour of a patient’s tooth and are resistant against any kind of discoloration. The porcelain filling is costly, almost as much as the gold fillings.

Signs that show you need a tooth filling

1. Pain

This obviously is the most vital sign that indicates you need a tooth filling. This pain could be constant and get severe when you are eating/ drinking a hot/cold thing. Any such pain is a sign that you may have a decayed tooth. The presence of cavities is also a reason for the heightened sensitivity of your teeth. So if you notice any such discomfort, more so when consuming different temperatures of the food/ drinks it is time you let your dentist know about it.

2. Bleeding

Any kind of bleeding from your mouth is unusual and requires immediate medical care. It could be your teeth or gums that bleed whenever you brush or floss your teeth. Or you could be suffering from periodontal disease, gingivitis, and tooth decay. Whatever be the case, do not ignore it, consult SE19 dentist immediately.

3. Bad Breath

Although such a symptom is not as common as the first two, however, a bad breath indicates something is wrong inside your mouth. You may just pass it off and take it lightly, but ignoring bad breath for a long time may lead to severe complications. One of the reasons for having bad breath could be halitosis- a bad breath as a result of cavities. So such a problem could be addressed by getting the dental cavity filled from Dentist Crystal palace.

If cavities are not addressed in the early stage, they may turn out to be a nightmare. Cavities are capable of destroying the teeth completely. They begin with small holes in the teeth and get larger and larger with time. Also, the larger they get, the more food they can trap, eventually leading to bad breath and escalated decay.

4. Teeth discoloration or presence of dark spots

As mentioned earlier, cavities lead to bad breath. But that’s not all. Cavities also make the teeth more brittle eventually leading to chipping. Any sort of discoloration in your teeth or any sort of dark spots you notice is a sign of the onset of cavity formation. So please do not postpone any discoloration of the teeth till they get painful. Visit your Dentist South East London as soon as possible.

5. Sensitivity to sugary foods

Not only heightened sensitivity to hot – cold food or drinks, cavities also make teeth more sensitive to high sugar content foods. Such sensitivity gives a tingling sensation or even mild pain each time your mouth comes in contact with anything high in sugar.

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