Ease the Pain in 8 Different Ways

Pain because of a particular illness or injury is very intolerable for other people. It might get in the way in completing a simple task and sometime might leave you bed-ridden for the rest of the day.

Pain meddles with life all the time. It is inevitable, and that is why it is irritating. It is a simple way of your body telling you that something is wrong inside, so you get to be conscious about it. But sometimes dealing with pain is exasperating especially when you need to complete a task or to solve a problem. It’s like adding insult to injury. But here are eight great ways to deal with this dilemma.


If you would consult a doctor for a no-medication pain reliever, exercising is always on the top of the list. Moving those joints would block the pain signals to the brain, especially when you are so focused on working out. The mind will focus on other activities in the body. Therefore, reducing the pain.

Heat Therapy

Generations have used this technique even before the production of medicinal painkillers. Hot baths change the nerve input in the body to the brain. The brain is now more focused on the high temperature received by the body. It relaxes the nerves in the body.

Breathing Therapy

Manually breathing and concentrating on it can help alleviate the pain. Sharp pain or during the intense kind of pain, try taking in slow, deep breaths. In this way, the brain is redirected in concentrating in the breathing. This will help keep you relaxed, and also, this will prevent the muscles from any further tension.


What worsens pain is anxiety because you’re worried and it makes you conscious more about the feeling. Mindful meditation redirects the brain deep in your concentration. It takes away all the anxiety thus, resulting in less muscle tension. This technique gives you better mental quality and can increase your pain tolerance.


There is no denying when you have nothing left to do; you are left alone with pain. Especially, when people who are enduring physical pain tries to go to sleep, they have nothing left to think about but the pain they are suffering from. But sleep, is a good way of not feeling the pain at all because at that time you are unconscious. Sleeping won’t make you feel anything. Also, sleep deprivation can aggravate pain.


As was discussed earlier, pain makes you feel all kind of emotion, especially the strong ones, it makes you feel anxious, grumpy, tired and also depressed. The pain you are feeling makes you feel helpless. People seek help from a psychologist, hypnotherapist or a counselor to lash out their feeling and pain in return.

They can advise you on the best way to alleviate the pain. Sometimes, the pain, in general, is not the problem, it’s the attitude you are using to deal with the problem. So they find the most suitable way that goes with your personality in reducing the pain.

Find a Hobby

Some people even with the intense pain surrender in their beds to find comfort in the soft, foamy sheets, but he does not always eradicate the agony. For people who can still manage to move around even in pain, finding a hobby can be helpful for you. Doing something you are interested in can redirect the focus of the brain. You find something that will shift your focus on the work from the pain. Gardening can refocus your attention from the pain to the plants.


This might be the easiest to deal with the pain, as this medication drug can take away the pain in a minute. Most people use this technique especially when they are doing something. You can still do your daily routine with this technique and does not require any efforts. All you need is the drug and some water. One of the most used drug to alleviate the pain is Tylenol with Codeine; this drug changes how the body feels and responds to the pain, this drug also eradicates the fever due to the pain.


Pain is a natural phenomenon that is experienced in the body, the most effective way to win over pain is by putting the mind over matter. Sometimes, the part of working on is the attitude when dealing with physical pain, as it can alter our perception and result in higher pain tolerance and a quick eradication of the pain. There are all sorts of pain and in the world and honestly, it is in the person itself if he or she allows it the pain to grow and fester or eliminate it with these simple steps.