Explore the Job Opportunities in Singapore Banking Sector

In today’s world, there is a heavy demand for banking jobs. Not only demand but also there are many scopes in this field. There are so many options for you if you opt for the bank. For example, you can be the financial advisor, branch manager, investment analyst, loan officer, and many more.

Here is some of the major post in the bank:

  • Branch Manager:

Branch managers are in charge of administering operations in money related foundations. Duties may incorporate training new representatives, directing meetings, administering everyday activities, dealing with complaints, performing disciplinary actions and keeping up a safe workplace. Branch manager has diverse requirements and qualifications. A degree qualification, for example, a business, finance, management or marketing degree, is expected to enter a management learner scheme. The Average Salary for a branch manager is S$39,000 to S$82,000 per year.

  • Financial Advisor:

Financial advisor talks about financial goals with their clients and advises them on retirement and investment decisions. Duties may incorporate requesting new business, attending network occasions, clarifying money-related items, suggesting and choosing investments, and giving training about potential dangers. A financial advisor helps people to make a smart choice regarding money administration. They evaluate a man’s financial position, understand their requirements and objectives, and after that make proposals on the best way to accomplish them. Some money related consultants have different foundations and give a variety of general services, while others center around a specific territory, for example, retirement or expense law. The average salary of a financial advisor is around S$58,000 per year.

  • Investment Analyst:

Investment analyst is in charge of examining financial data keeping in mind the end goal to settle on smart choices about potential investments. Some of their job duties may incorporate translating information, anticipating business and money-related conditions, talking about critical patterns, submitting daily reports on economic situations, and prompting customers with respect to showcasing changes. Investment analyst direct research, make financial models and deliver explanatory reports and proposals concerning particular kinds of stocks, bonds or other venture securities. Experts in this field are also called as the securities analyst or financial analyst. The average salary for an investment analyst is S$62,000 per year.

  • Loan Officer:

Credit officers are in charge of evaluating and suggesting endorsement for loan applications, both personally and industrially. Loan officers might be required to request new business and market the administrations and results of loaning institutions. Different tasks may include clarifying credits and their terms, acquiring financial data, and ensuring that loan agreements follow state and government directions. The average salary of a loan officer is S$45,000 per year.

  • Bank Teller:

Capable bank tellers are important in the managing a banking industry. They are in charge of preparing exchanges, for example, saving cash, getting the money for checks, and gathering installments for credits. Some typical tasks incorporate counting money, noting account questions, getting ready cash orders, requesting checks and bank cards, recording transactions, and exchanging dollars for foreign currency.  The average salary of a bank teller is S$12 per hour.

If you want to work in the Singapore banking sector then there is a lot of banking jobs available for you.  Singapore will not only give you the best jobs but will also give you a good salary package. However, the salary also depends on the size of the organizations.  Candidates can also visit the job portal of Monster Singapore where they can find numerous jobs relevant to them. So, upload your updated resume and apply it now.