Ganesh Idols For Your Home – The Different Types

For as long as I can remember, Ganesh idols for home have been used to offer protection, good fortune and prosperity in Indian culture. With that said, it’s as important to choose the right idols as it is to have one home in the first place. According to experts, different materials used in the creation of these auspicious idols attract different forms of energy.

For your reference, we’ve listed the different types of materials used to create Ganesh idols and the effects that comes with.

White Ganesha Idols:

Best known for their ability to attract wealth, happiness and prosperity into your life, these white Ganesh idols look stunning too. Which is probably why you see so many of them wherever you visit. From your friends’ home to your local temple, there is a bound to be at least one Ganesh idol and your home should have one too.

Sitting Ganesh Idols:

Ganesha idols that depict the Lord sitting in his meditative posture are considered to be the best idols to bring home. This is because these idols are said to attract peace and tranquillity that can help transform the lives of people living around them for the better.

Vermillion Ganesha:

Easily the coolest sounding type of Ganesh idol, this particular idol is said to be perfect for those looking to promote self-growth. Vermillion is said to represent the growth and success of man kind. Hence, it’s association to self-growth.

Trunk Facing Left Vs Trunk Facing Right:

According to religious experts, only Ganesha idols with left facing trunks should be brought home as idols with the trunk curved to the right are said to be too powerful to be kept at home. This means, their energy is too strong and carefully conducted prayers are required to please the idol. Without which, the energy of these idols can have negative effects on you, your home and your loved ones.

Eco-Friendly Materials:

Ganesha idols made using eco-friendly materials such as cow dung, leaves from peepal, neem and mango trees have gained massive popularity in recent times. While they are more difficult to find in your local stores, they can quite easily be bought online.

Idols made from cow dung are said to be some of the luckiest and most auspicious idols you can bring home. They are said to eliminate bad luck. On the contrary, Idols made from leaves are said to attract good fortune into your home. So preferably keep both at home… Just not together as Ganesha idols are best limited to one per room.

Thanks to the new age of the internet, the above-mentioned types of Ganesha idols and more can be found from the comfort of your own home.

So now that you know the types of idols, materials and other key information, take an informed call on which idol needs to be brought into your home. If done carefully, you’re likely to bring about positive changes to your life.