Hacking Techniques Used By Experts

Hacking is usually termed as an evil word. It is not. In recent times, internet is used extensively by every type of businesses to establish their online as well business presence. Technology has also moved at a fast pace where electronic funds and online payments are the order of the day. But, it has also given to another form of threat – stealing of confidential information for nefarious purposes. If you are a person with good technical knowledge, it is easy to find targets such as email accounts, user credentials, credit card detail’s vital information and hack into accounts for personal gain.hackers

Now, shall we look at some hacking techniques? Do you have a doubt, as to why you should know about them? This information can give vital clues for your personal finance information.


You have a banking account. When you want to send an online transfer, the bank gives you a virtual keyboard. Many times, you wonder what is the need when you have a keyboard in the PC or laptop? The reason – it is possible to know about your personal information such as personal email id, passwords by software called as keylogger. It records the strokes and key sequence of the keyboard and transmits them to a log file in your own device. There are hackers who target only the programs, and then there are some who target smartphones sensors and electro-magnetic emissions etc. So next time, you send an online transfer, thank the bank for the virtual keyboard.

2.Denial of Service

The hackers bring down a server or site by flooding it with thousands of requests. In due course of time, the server cannot handle requests even of real users. Ultimately it crashes. Usually, hackers will employ zombie computers that have only one goal – flood a specific server with requests such as log in attempts, repetitive tasks and data requests.

In the bot net option, the hacker attempts to infect the server with many systems and also sends malware to the users. So it is always vital to have a antimalware package installed in your PC.

  1. WaterHole Attacks

Do you watch ancient movies? In one movie, the attackers poison the lake which leads to the fort of their enemy. Now, this is the unnatural way of warfare. This type is similar to the waterhole attacks. Let us imagine, you visit a coffee shop or cafeteria every weekend on a particular time.

If hackers want to steal your information, their procedure will be – creating a fake Wi-Fi access point and design a site similar to your most accessed one to steal the information. Practice caution and follow security measures. Always keep the software/OS updated. Use a branded VPN service.

  1. Passive Attacks

In these cases, the hacker will monitor the computer networks and systems to gain required information. Their intention will not be to harm the information but get unauthorized details from sources such as messaging services, email, web browsing and other communication methods. You guessed the type of persons who indulge in such services – Spy Government Agencies.

It is always best to connect to a public WiFi via a VPN. In case of large corporations, they use Intrusion Detection Systems and Intrusion Prevent Systems.

  1. Phishing

This technique is used by many hackers. They make a similar replica of the website you frequent and send the link. If you try to login as well enter data, the hacker can get the personal information.

The other method could be to craft the words in the email in such a way that the recipient can divulge financial information. If you are unsure about the message, call the concerned bank official or office. Lo? Get Started Here

  1. Trojans or Virus

These are malicious programs that can get into your system and send the victim data to the hacker. They can lock the files, divert traffic, and can spread all over the network.

  1. ClickJacking Attacks

It is known by another name UI Redress. The hacker will hide the UI you want to click. He/she will in turn use their skills to log you on to another page.

  1. Cookie Theft

No, we are not speaking about the cookies you stole as a kid. This amounts to software and is related to stealing of information on a web browser. If the hacker gets the information, he can impersonate you on different websites. If your IP packer is made to pass via the attacker’s machine, then the hacker can get all the details.

 The main reason you need to use SSL for the total session.

  1. Bait and Switch

The attacker buys advertising spaces on your favorite website. So you click on the ad and is directed to pages having malware.


Are you working as an accountant in a company which offers handyman services? Then it is vital that you know these various types of hacking methods. So, if you have stored company confidential information on your laptop, be cautious when you step into a common Wi Fi Platform.

We have covered major techniques of hacking. In the next set of articles, we will proceed on the same with regards to technology. Have a nice day.