Here’s Why All Dentists Must Use Utility Gloves For Dental Office

It has been observed that every year dentists faceas many as 380,000 sharps related injuries. Sharps injuries are penetrating stab wounds from needles, scalpels, and other sharp objects which result in the exposure to blood and other body fluids. A substantial amount is spent every year to treat such sharps related injuries. Then there are the emotional issues associated with such injuries. Such injuries can be avoided if dentists wear utility gloves for dental office. Dentists around the world wear utility gloves for dental office as it keeps them safe while handling contaminated instruments.

Dentists are always advised to wear utility gloves for dental office as it keeps them safe as dental procedure involves contact with blood and saliva, which are two major sources for transmitting infections. Utility gloves for dental office are very affordable and they keep dentists safe from injuries related to handling sharp contaminated instruments. Utility gloves for dental office may not be comfortable to wear, but dentists are advised to wear them as it keeps them safe during dental procedures.

Utility gloves for dental office may be bulky and somewhat uncomfortable to wear but they will keep you safe and you won’t have to take medication to prevent diseases contracted from sharps injuries. Dentists should wear utility gloves for dental office as it will keep them healthy and everyone around them healthy. There will be no risk of them bringing infections or diseases to their homes and exposing them to their loved ones. Make sure to get the right utility gloves from your supplier.

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The gloves need to be puncture and chemical resistant which needs to be used during dental procedures and also during other tasks if such tasks entail involving contact with blood or other potentially infectious material.Utility gloves for dental office are thicker than exam gloves and that’s why they are able to prevent the puncture of contaminated needles and instruments. Such gloves can be easily washed for reuse, which makes them affordable as well as durable.

All dentists must wear utility gloves for dental office and they must advise their staff to do the same. It might be easier to get the job done without using the utility gloves, but safety comes at a price and you need to be safe than sorry.  There’s no safe way of knowing who may be infected and who may not be infected. The most rational thing to do is to take precautions when attending to all patients, and be safe as you can possibly be. Dentists have an obligation to their staff, their patients, their co-workers, their families and mostly themselves, to stay as safe as they possibly can and that’s why it is highly imperative for dentists to use utility gloves for dental office.

All dentists are recommended to use utility gloves for dental office as they are a lot less than expensive than exam grade gloves. They are perfect for cleaning and doing other duties which don’t require exam grade gloves. These gloves save their users from contamination and also from harsh chemical which one is exposed to while cleaning the office.