How to Select a Painting for the Living Room

Living room is such a space that defines the entire house. In fact, it portrays an individual’s persona and it also says a lot about the owner of the house.

So, when one is choosing big paintings for living room then they have to be very considerate about it. Decorating a living room with a painting can be a very good and a unique idea but when one decides to install a painting there one also has to pick and choose the other decors which will be used in the living room very carefully. The ambience of the living room needs to be relaxing enough and one should go for certain wall painting ideas that can enhance the vibe of the room.

So, one has to be very careful about certain things when they are choosing a painting for a living room. There can be a lot of thoughts running in the mind for it but one has to make a concrete list first regarding the wall art depending on their themes and the personality of their own. If one wants to give their living room a very traditional and vintage look then they can go for some paintings that can have some mythical concept or else can go for some classical paintings that can go with the mood of the room.

There are many people who want their living room to be minimalistic and for that they incline more to somewhat realistic painting which can suit this particular theme. Before choosing any painting one has to keep in mind the mood and look of the room and the artwork should complement it.

  • The painting that is selected has to be right in size according to the size of the room. One has to be very careful about that. When the size of the panting complements the size of the living room then it can look really elegant. One has to get the dimension of the room first before they decide on a painting. If one wants to install the painting on the top of any furniture then one should know that the painting must not be bigger than that of the furniture. The walls must not look too much crowded if one wants to install a series of small paintings on the walls.
  • But paintings are stand-alone entities. That is why they should always complement the decor of the room. Wall paintings for living room India, when selected by one, has to be matching or in contrast with the wall colors of the room. If the wall has a lighter shade then one can have a painting installed which has dark colours in it and vice versa.

Paintings are created with different surfaces like ivory sheet, canvas, rice paper, silk and cloth and the materials that are used are fabrics, charcoals, natural colours, acrylic or oil colours. So, one also needs to check the lighting of the room before zeroing down to any painting. All these add up and help one to select the perfect painting.