How to Set-up a Successful Restaurant in a Cabin Container

Malaysia is a perfect haven for food lovers. The Malaysians cuisines reflect the multi-culture and ethnicity of people living in Malaysia which attract tourists from all over the world. Therefore, setting up a restaurant or food trucks is a good idea if you want to make huge money. However, this may incur huge investments and if you’re tight on budget, buying a space or truck will be an expensive affair. This when cabin containers come into the scene. Having a Cabin Container Malaysia can be a great solution for people on low budgets.

Here are some useful tips that will help you convert your cabin container into an income-generating restaurant

Decide Your Menu for Equipment and Efficiency

For food-lovers, food comes first! Your restaurant might be the coolest place in the locality, however, if your food is bad, no one will turn up to your restaurant for purging their hunger pangs. Therefore, you must decide what you’re going to serve your patrons. Moreover, knowing what is your food menu, also means you know what equipment you’ll need. Understanding what will be your requirements will help you design your layout easily and how your equipment will be placed.

Know Your Location and Community

Knowing your location and community will help you decide the size of the cabin container you’ll need. This will help you determine whether you need a smaller unit to suit your location, or you need to install more rooms. However, your setup must adhere to the Malaysian building codes.

Create Picture-ready Interiors

Considering that not everyone will like to eat in a cabin container, you must design your container into a uniquely aesthetic place. You may get in touch with designers and engineers who will design your cabin container Malaysia into nothing less than a contemporary and elegant restaurant.

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Consider the Basic Needs – Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing

You can cook anything from curry puffs to exotic Malaysian cuisines in your cabin container. You only have to ensure that your container caters to the electrical, plumbing or mechanical needs. Furthermore, streamlining these elements also saves time, money and most importantly space. For instance, instead of having washbasins on opposite sides of the container, you can fix them on one side so that it’s easy to install all the plumbing rather than running it all around the container.

Pay Attention to Regulations and Codes

Whether you’re looking for a cabin for rent in Malaysia or cabin for sale Malaysia, you cannot setup your restaurant in the container without following the regulatory laws and codes of Malaysia. You need to consider certain aspects such as electrical systems to handle power loads, water supply from local water service, compliance with the dimensional ADA codes, ventilation and use of hoods. Make sure you offer more of pre-packaged food items and use it as a concession, and not as a full-blown kitchen.

Bottom Line

So, whether you’re planning to rent or buy cabin container Malaysia, these are some of the essential aspects that you should consider when setting up a restaurant in the container Malaysia. You may also consult with your local cabin supplier Malaysia, who will provide you with the best-suited cabin container that will meet all your requirements.