Want to Study Abroad – Get Help from an Ivy League College Counselor

University and college admission rates have dwindled into single digits. Before now, applicants with a perfect or near suitable SATs who had been ranked number one or two while in High school were most time admitted into the colleges to which they specifically applied. But this is however not the case today, as most students applying for colleges and applications is readily on the increase, many of these Ivy league schools now obtain a fraction of about 5% to 10% applicant pool yearly. However, enlisting the assistance of a highly skilled and knowledgeable college counselor is very crucial than ever in this current milieu.

It is expected that an applicant have both standardized test scores and high grades. In order to be selected, a student applying for admission into Ivy League schools must equally have the confidence of conveying his/her unique talents and skills in academic contexts as well as in extracurricular activities, this will help indicate what an applicant contribution will be to the educational institution to which he/she is applying. With the aforementioned, an ivy league admissions consultant can also guide an applicant in building the best profile for admission through a proprietary strategic planning.

However, a college counselor will also have to conduct an assessment in order for you to learn and know about your interest, goals and preferences. Since the world is presently technology inclined, you can hire and meet with a college advisor either via online or in person, particularly via video conferences. This will assist you to learn more about Ivy League college admission process and criteria and to discuss the strategies and objectives with focus on what most of these colleges are seeking for.

Importantly, an Ivy League college counselor will guide your child, through a step-by-step application process that entails developing a strategy to assist your child in achieving his or her college objectives, building a strong high school resume for your child through his or her academic and extracurricular performance, developing a standardized timeline and test strategy, and assist in preparing your child for college interviews.

Other important function that an Ivy League college counselor will also do include advising on request for letters of recommendation, guiding a student with completing his/her college application on-time, assisting a student with craft essays and topics that will reflect a student achievement and goals, and advising a student on both scholarship opportunities as well as financial aid.

While there are thousands of college counselors in United States, some are good while some are actually not. A good overseas education consultants in Gurgaon will certainly have to be a member of the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) and must have worked in college admissions as a counselor. If these important requirements are not found with the one you intend to hire, probably best to seek elsewhere!