Last Minute Preparation Tips For Science Board Examination

Examination plays a significant role in human studies; it evaluates our skills and helps us know our studies position. It also encourages us to identify our differences and provides more educational pathways. Examinations are the tests for the training done and for the future strengthening our perspectives. Most of all, it demonstrates several positive qualities, such as professionalism, time management, hard work and so on. For our bright future, board examinations serve as a building block, they are the ultimate test of merit, and successful completion of the examination brings a student to some other level. Besides, good marks earned in examinations act as a framework for the scholarship.

Both the 10th and 12th Board exams are of significant importance in the education of the students. Generally, five subjects are studied in class 10th board’s course curriculum, respectively, Science, Mathematics, Social Science, First & Second Language. Science subjects may have subcategories such as physics, chemistry and biology. Each subject has its level of difficulty, so students need to have a proper schedule for all subjects, such as a full form list, including chemistry full forms full forms of biology, and a full form list of physics and so on.

Preparation Tips For Board Exam

Students should study the respective class science textbook. The book involves the full syllabus, from which the question paper is prepared. Students, therefore, need to be attentive to all of the concepts. They must also answer the book’s practice questions. So here are some strategies which can effectively help them prepare for the exam.

Understand the Exam Pattern

Question paper might have various parts such as multiple-choice, short answer questions, long answer questions, and so on. To score good marks, students must know the examination pattern.

Go through the whole science syllabus once again.

Students are expected to complete the course material along with the class. But they must go through it by themselves once again. It is going to be a type of revision for themselves, and they get to know what subject they need to take additional attention. Correspondingly they will devise and work on an efficient study schedule.

Preparation tips for physics

In physics, the examination often asks logical and formula-based problems. So, for all the essential formulas, students need to be detailed and it should be at their fingertips. From the point of the exam, the subject like newton’s laws & its implementations is relevant also some of the problems can be predicted from it. Practice question papers and model research papers from the previous year to get an understanding of what kinds of numerical & theoretical problems are being questioned from the section of Physics.

Preparation tips for chemistry

Chemistry is a high-scoring portion and involves less prep time. Understand about the advice on balancing chemical equations. Memorize the uses of acids, bases & salts in daily life as well and make appropriate records of all the conversion compounds’ reactions. Understand the Modern periodic table and electronic configuration of the compound.

Preparation tips for biology

In biology, students need to practise diagrams such as reflex action representation, respiratory system, the human brain, various parts of a flower, reproductive organs, etc. Plan Mendel’s experiments thoroughly and identify the traits of Inheritance. In Biology, there are complicated terminologies that can be memorized by frequent revisions and specific strategy, including the preparation of biology full forms list. Biology consists of many complicated diagrams, so students have to make a practice of drawing a neat, clean diagram while writing the answers. It will enable them to score more.


Considering the significance of board examinations, students are afraid of them and start to get anxious as the examination days approach. Therefore, every educator and every parent should consider the student’s examination stress and should guide them appropriately so that they do good in the final examination.