LED high bay lights or Compact Fluorescent lamps – Which one to Choose?

Looking for the best lighting option for commercial purpose? A multitude of lighting options is available in the market. And surprisingly, almost all of them have the power to cater to all your needs. As a result, it really becomes difficult to evaluate which one would be the best with respect to efficiency and cost factor.

Some people prefer to choose the latest LED lights to serve their purpose while some love to stick to their traditional lighting solution – the compact fluorescent lamps(CFL).

Well, there indeed various reasons to support the CFL lighting option. But when it comes to choosing the best it is often the LED corn lighting option that gets highlighted.

Which one do you prefer? Which one do you think is the best for illuminating the large indoors and outdoors? LED high bay lights or Fluorescent lamps?

We feel you are dwelling with a lot of confusion. Don’t worry. Here, we have penned down some factors. Reading these following factors you get an idea about which should be the best lighting option for your commercial use.

Let’s get started.

Comparison between LED corn lights and Fluorescent bulbs

  1. Brightness: Fluorescent bulbs used to be categorized under high intensity discharge lighting option. People used to appreciate its brightness and were crazy to buy these lights for illumination.

    However, things changed with the introduction of LED lights. Though there is no such difference in brightness between the two, based on the calculation it has found LEDs provide more brightness than the fluorescent bulbs.

    Based on the research, it has been observed that to emit 400-500Lumens of brightness LED corn lights require 6-7watt. Whereas, for the same level of brightness, CFL bulbs require 8-12watt. The less the power is required, the better the lamp is. Hence it can be easily evaluated that in terms of brightness, LED corn lights are the best.

    Why don’t you have a 150watt high bay lighting and the same with CFL bulbs? You can witness the difference more effectively.

  2. Durability: Which bulb last longer? CFL or LED? The answer is LED. You will be surprised to learn that a single LED bulb has an average lifespan of 2500 hours. While to complete 2500 hours you need to have 3 CFL bulbs.

    It has been calculated that the average lifespan of fluorescent lights is just 8000 hours. Indeed a huge gap between the two. Even the incandescent lights cannot beat the longevity of the LEDs. They are just beyond the expectation.

    No doubt, both the lighting options are the best. But when it comes to durability, LEDs beat the CFLs with its high score. Again a big reason to choose LED high bay lights over other lighting options.

  3. Cost-effective: Now, since you have figured out the better lighting option based on the durability factor and brightness level, it is easier to conclude that LED lighting option is more cost-effective than the CFLs.

    Why? It’s quite simple.

    With a greater lifespan, LEDs do not need frequent replacement. Simultaneously, having a great power to save energy, these bulbs cut down the power consumption to a great extent. This allows the owners to gain huge dollars at the end of the year.

    For example, if with CFL lighting option you spend $52, with 150watt high bay lighting option of LED you just have to spend $30.

    So, who’s the winner? It’s again LED corn lights.


In reality, LED corn lighting option is gaining huge popularity nowadays. It is a win-win situation for those who have already installed these lights for illumination. LED corn lights are perfect to illuminate the dark parking areas with high ceilings. Moreover, you may even use them for lighting up the stadiums, streets, and other interior areas.

However, if you haven’t yet installed these LED lights it doesn’t mean you can never experience the beauty. Switch over to these lights and observe the difference.

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