Protect Your Eyes By Choosing The Apt Safety Glasses At Work

Working in a hazardous environment require for workers to take preparatory measures for their protection. Now there are several protective gears available for safeguarding you from harmful accidents.

One of them being safety glasses that ensures protection of your eyes from any harmful effect or accidents. Choosing a good quality safety glass such as bullhead MAKI safety glasses is extremely vital. But that’s not all, you need to pick the most suitable one from among the various types of safety glasses.

Let’s take a look at some of the variants in Safety Glasses and which kind suits you the best.

1.       Side Shield Safety Glasses

Now as the name suggests these safety glasses gives you protection to the sides of eyes. This type of safety glasses are generally used in workplaces where there is presence of flying-object hazards.

These kind of glasses can give you a decent level of protection. You can prevent the hazardous flying particles from the front or sides of you easily with the help of this safety glass use.

Although a full coverage protection is not possible with this type of safety glasses.

2.       Direct Vented Goggles

This type of goggles have a snug fit around your eyes. It is the perfect choice of safety glasses that gives you protection against heat, splashes, flying particles or glare. Direct vented goggles also allow flow of air with their openings in the front.

These goggles are ideal for the use in dusty places. Plus, they have the capability to provide you protection from different angles. They can be used to achieve an appropriate level of safety at hazardous workplace.

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3.       Welding Helmets

Welding Helmets can be worn with safety goggles. In some helmets, a protective screen is present that do not require you to wear any glasses. You can easily view from the screen and provide protection to your eyes and the entire face.

These are ideal for intense work where extreme light or ray is common such as welding, splashes of melted metal, sparks, etc. The material is thick enough to resist severe hazards and providing your entire face the much needed protection.

4.       Indirect Hooded Goggles

These goggles offer safety against splash or other hazardous entry with the help of a hood or covered vent. The portion where the indirect vent is present does not allow any straight line entry from the outer to the inner area of the goggles.

The agenda of this vent is to avoid or limit the passage of any harmful liquid in side the goggle. These type of goggles are a perfect safety glasses to choose where chemical or harmful liquid particles are dealt with.

5.       Face Shields

These are not exactly fall in the category of safety glasses however, they do provide you protection to eyes from harmful substances. In fact, they are meant to deliver protection to your entire face.

It is recommended to use them with a good protective eye gear though since they do not give full coverage to your eyes.

These are some of the various kinds of safety glasses that are available t give your eyes the much needed protection at work. It is important for you to pick the highest quality safety glass such as bullhead MAKI safety glasses for uncompromised eye protection.