Role of Oxygen Therapy in Cancer Treatment

The majority of popular medical institutions have embraced oxygen therapy for cancer. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has been in use in private clinics for more than 50 years. This therapy is being used in private clinics for healing chronic wounds, repairing burns, and promoting recovery. We all know our body needs oxygen. In the situation of an illness, oxygen stimulates the immune system which eventually contributes to the healing process.

How Does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Work?

Patients in clinics and hospitals offering hyperbaric oxygen therapy breathe pure oxygen in an ideal environment. Atmospheric pressure in this environment is three times the normal atmospheric pressure. Spending some time in this environment increases the level of oxygen in the blood. They are breathing 100% pure oxygen, and their bodies produce more therapeutic chemicals.

Oxygen Therapy for Cancer      

This therapy is beneficial for many other health conditions. The significant role of oxygen therapy for cancer has been recognized recently. Though this therapy has divided the community into two sections, some experts in the past argued that this therapy is not helpful and some were very confident about this therapy. However, new supporting evidence found in a decent number of studies has proven that this therapy actually works. This therapy reduces hypoxia. This condition of low-oxygen is pretty common in cancerous tumors. Oxygen therapy for cancer improves the level of dissolved oxygen in the plasma. This further increases the level of oxygen in tissues.  The therapy reduces inflammation and helps the body in growing new blood vessels. The growth of cancer cells is anaerobic. So it does not contribute to the growth of cancer cells.

Oxygen Therapy for Cancer and Radiation Exposure

Some patients after undergoing radiation therapy experience chronic complications. This happens due to damaged blood vessels feeding on healthy cells. In many cases, wounds after breast cancer radiation therapy never heal. It has been found in many studies that patients utilizing this therapy survive longer. Moreover, they do not have to deal with more side effects. Oxygen is a natural antibiotic, this really makes sense. Delivering bigger doses of oxygen to damaged areas stimulates healing.

Oxygen therapy and Ketogenic Diet

Oxygen therapy has been a great aide-de-camp to naturally-based modalities. Here it is important to recognize the fact that oxygen therapy solely cannot kill cancer cells or reduce tumor. However, many studies have confirmed a combination of oxygen therapy and ketogenic diet can significantly produce anti-cancer benefits. A large part of cancer cells highly depends on glucose for survival. The ketogenic diet is low-carb, low-glucose, high healthy fat, and moderate protein diet.

The result of a 2013 study was published in the Plos One journal. According to this study, a combination of a ketogenic diet and oxygen therapy increases the survival time by 78%. High level of oxygen weakens cancer cells.

This oxygen therapy in combination with other modalities can help in overcoming cancer and other serious conditions. Oxygen is life. Oxygen therapy definitely plays a clinically proven significant role in cancer treatment.