Seedboxes are used for which purpose – Any Idea?

Multiple servers are available in the market. And each of them is designed to solve the different purpose. Hence, if you are purchasing a server without learning about its working zones, there might be a situation where you may face a hurdle.

So, skipping is not allowed! Even if you think you have extreme knowledge about servers, you must brush them up. Because servers are always upgraded with the advancement in technology.

Here, in this blog, we are more concerned about the most prominent high-speed server, the seedboxes. It is the remote server hosted in large-scale bandwidth data centers. The servers come with 100Mbps to 10Gbps speed range, making it perfect for uploading and downloading files over the web.

Do you know where a seedbox is prominently used?

Seedbox is the hosting solution, significantly used to run torrents. Yes, the server is marked as the best torrenting solution for the users who remain active on torrents frequently.

Many of you may go against the phrase “best torrenting solution” as you feel it is the VPN (Virtual Private Network) that should be awarded for this. But VPN is more used in private and public networks like Wifi Hotspots and the Internet rather than to run torrents.
A strong reason is there behind this.

VPN is identified as an outstanding server to add security and privacy. Due to its data encryption and decryption capability, it has enrolled its name as the best-secured server.
But have you ever thought what will be the security level when the VPN server will meet the public networks? Since the server add security to both public and private networks, it becomes hard to maintain the same security level.

Whereas, a seedbox server provides high-level security always. Here we have listed down the reasons why these remote servers are called as the best torrenting partner.

5 Reasons why seedboxes are used to run Torrents

  1. They are remote servers: Being “remote” is one prominent reason for seedboxes being the best friend of torrents. Any idea why? It is because of the security gestures they are underlined with.
    These remote servers may not have the power to encrypt data and make the information secure by applying code languages like VPNs. But they are similarly brilliant in hiding the IP address and confusing the attackers.
    Instead of displaying the original IP address, the remote IP is showcased. This makes it difficult for the users to track and target the IP, preventing the data from getting breached.
  2. The extremely high speed: As mentioned earlier, VPNs are loaded with high speed of range 100Mbps to 10Gbps. They use the BitTorrent Protocol for peer-to-peer sharing, allowing the user to upload and download torrents in no time. Some popular clients of this protocol are uTorrent, Xunlei, Transmission, and so on.
  3. The ability to boost torrent tracker ratio: What is torrent tracker ratio? It is the upload-download ratio that makes use of BitTorrent Protocol. In order to have happy torrenting, it is essential to improve the torrent tracker ratio and maintain it 1:1.

    The ratio 1:1 signifies that the volume of data uploaded is the same as the volume of data downloaded. And one of the primary methods to improve this ratio is the installation of seedbox server.

  4. Due to no ISP limitation: The more you download, the better will be the ratio and simultaneously it will affect the outcome. But what if your limited data doesn’t give you the chance to download more and more?

    With this server, you get the liberty to download any volume of data from torrents and upload the same. Your data plan remains unaffected in this case. No limitation, no data caps.

Do you spend a lot of time on torrents? Do you feel like you should have a proper server to boost your activity? Do you prefer to make profitable investments?

In any scenario, you must not forget to buy seedboxes. The remote servers are excellently designed to run torrents and you must take the leverage.

Purchase the online torrent downloader and have a safe and happy torrenting.

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