SEO 101: Benefits Of Keyword Tracking

If you are aspiring for higher ranks on organic search results, then keyword tracking is there at your rescue!

Keyword tracking lets you track the position of your keywords on the search results. Accordingly, you can monitor how effective your SEO techniques have been till now. If you feel you are not utilizing keyword tracking to the maximum, check these benefits to get the most of it.

What Is Keyword Tracking And What Are Its Benefits?

Keyword Tracker helps you monitor the position of your website for specific keywords. It shows you metrics of specific keywords and shows how well your website ranks for those keywords. 

Benefits Of Keyword Tracking

Increased conversion

The analogy is basic. A higher rank means higher visibility on search results. Higher visibility corresponding leads to higher possible conversions. Also, the chance of converting these customers into long-term clients significantly increases. 

Monitor your competitors

Rank tracking not just helps you track your own keywords, but you can also spy on what your competitors are doing. This SEO feature lets you know the set of keywords chosen by your competitors. 

You can peek into the list of their high-ranking keywords. These insights can help you solidify your rankings by improving your content or by adopting other SEO tactics. 

Tracking progress

Keyword tracking lets you know where exactly you rank on the search result page for the keywords used. 

It is crucial that you choose relevant keywords. For instance, “cats” is a highly competitive keyword. For a small business, it is tough to fight giants over this keyword. However, a more specific keyword like “Can cats eat rice?” can create a niche for you. 

Competing for this set of keywords makes it more likely to rank better in the search results.

Ranking better for a keyword means better visibility and better lead generation. According to a recent study, moving up one spot high on the search results can increase visibility by 30%. 

Determine your PPC budget

Rank tracking lets you know the progress of your keyword. If you rank well in the organic search results, then you can reduce your Pay per click budget. Rank tracking, thus, lets you save funds that can be utilized in other marketing tactics.

It helps you troubleshoot your traffic drops

Well, we have all been in a situation where the website traffic drops over a week. It’s definitely a huge blow! Once again, keyword tracking is at your rescue. Keyword trackers can help you figure out the reasons for this fall. 

Is there an algorithm change that is causing the drop, or did new SERO features get added by Google? You can exactly find the root cause of the problem using keyword tracking. 

How Can WhatsMySerp Help You In Keyword Tracking?

Now that you know the importance of keyword tracking let us move on to how you can perform the same.

The answer is simple, WhatsMySerp!

WhatsMySerp is an all-inclusive SEO tool that can help you with keyword tracking. It also has other features like-

  • Local Tracking

This feature lets you track how well you are ranking in a specific location. This information can be useful when deciding on your next online marketing campaign. 

  • Unlimited on-demand checks

The keyword trackers automatically update daily to provide you relevant and accurate information. However, if you still need fresh out of oven rankings, then you simply need to refresh the tracker. That’s it! You will get updated information.

  • SERP tracking

The SERP tracking feature helps you find where exactly you rank in the search results for a set of keywords. WhatsMySerp’s SERP tracking feature is free for a limited number of daily keywords. 

  • Keyword research

Using keyword research features can help you find the most relevant keywords for your website. 

  • PDF reports

The best part is that all these insights can be summarized together in the form of PDF reports for your convenience. You can use these PDF reports to analyze your SEO strategy and accordingly modify the existing plan for better results. 

  • Google Analytics integration

WhatsMySerp also offers Google Analytics Integration, which means that you can integrate the two apps together and avail the features of both. This can save you time which you can utilize in analyzing and amending your SEO strategy for better results. 

Using WhatsMySerp’s keyword tracking feature

WhatsMySerp’s keyword tracking tool is absolutely free. Here are the steps you should follow to use the tool-

  • Open the website of WhatsMySerp or download the application.
  • Find the Google SERP and rank checker option. Open it.
  • You will now see four options- URL, location, device, and keywords. Input these details.
  • That’s it. You will be able to track the keywords and see how well they rank.

Summing Up

The present as well as the future demands SEO! Therefore, it of crucial for businesses to adapt to the new wave of digital marketing and learn its basics. 

Keyword tracking is one such SEO tool that can help you track your progress on the search engine’s result pages. You can find “money-making” keywords can that help increase the visibility of your website and lead to higher conversion rates. 

One such tool for keyword tracking is WhatsMySerp. We recommend this as it is easy-to-use as well as a reliable method for keyword tracking. To add to that, its keyword tracking feature is free for a specific number of keywords.