Service to Develop Business Connectivity in Related Fields

Business development seeks more connectivity between related services. A well-knit business will achieve 2-3 times more business than one that is not. Into this space of crosslinked business and business service comes a new service – business to business connectivity services. Many entrepreneurs argue that overcrowding this space will only choke up companies while others want more companies exposed so they can connect with them. In this articles, we explore the business space taken by a few healthcare companies.

Features of Sharecare healthcare service provider

We have no doubt of the resilience or growth potential of healthcare companies. The new Health care companies in United States give new services aimed at the well being of individuals. For instance, Sharecare is a digital health concern that helps people keep their health at one place. They give a platform for users to store their personal profile. They can connect healthcare professionals to this platform.

They can link to programs having an evidence base. Or, they could connect with the information. In this way, the platform gives them access to clinical protocol and frictionless technologies. They also get access to service providers and coaching tools. Employers can use this tool to design wellness and health solutions based on outcomes. Users can scale the health plans to suit their individual needs. It has received a total funding of $380 million to date. It makes use of the mobile platform to expand its market.

Technology-based One Medical

One Medical is a primary care service provider that focuses on technology-based services. This company has an innovative business model in that it connects services directly to the consumer and also links to companies that have taken up One Medical’s service packages.  Employees of these companies will benefit by receiving on-site care, near-site primary care, and 24×7 virtual care. It has affiliations to 1Life Healthcare, a healthcare management and technology services company.

It has received $532 millions in funding until now. Their patient platform helps users get all the information they need for use at the doctor’s office. It is built on machine learning and algorithms. At present, in the U.S. healthcare system, getting all information together at one place is a tough proposition. And, when one adds insurance to it, one faces many coded hurdles. Using the platform, the users can surf through all this data to enable them to find the best procedures by linking to the medical team. This is one of the top emerging Healthcare companies in the United States.

Phone automation from CellTrak

Another healthcare service provider CellTrak provides mobile automation over the phone. This allows companies to integrate forces on the field and provide care delivery. It optimizes care and business by optimizing data collection and use. This is done primarily through automation in data collection. You can link to apps from caregivers that run on mobile devices. This makes it possible to coordinate care delivery over a distributed workforce. It gives you good interfacing with back office systems.

Businesses can connect to these companies by using the platform provided by this service provider. It will help in expanding business and providing better services and technology to users.