Smart Reno Tips to Save Big Bucks on Singapore Home Interior Designs

Whether you’re embarking on renovating your flat in Singapore to give it a new look or raise property value, this is when you often have to face the bulk of renovation costs in Singapore. Beware, though; because huge renovation costs are likely to burn a hole in your pocket if you don’t stick to your budget and cram your house with a lot of expensive furnishings. Here are some of the reliable ways to save more time and money on Singapore home interior designs without compromising the quality and lifestyle.

Choose Renovation Loan Over Personal Loan

Many of us often make this common mistake of going with a personal loan for home renovation. You should always try taking renovation loans first. Most of the personal loans in Singapore come with an interest rate of 6-9% per annum whereas a reno loan is available at an interest rate of 5% per annum. Besides, if you have taken a mortgage from the same bank, you can even negotiate for special offers such as getting six months interest free on a renovation loan. However, renovation loans in Singapore are available with a limit of $30,000. So, if you have a large renovation project, you’ll have to go over this amount. In that case, you’ll have to take a personal loan but you should take it only after using your renovation loan.

Avoid Spending Money over Original Designer Furnishings

There are several Singapore home interior design firms that provide furniture designing services at an affordable price range. If you like any piece of furniture, you may approach them to recreate something similar to your choice. It’s not at all a good idea to spend huge money on original designer furniture as you’re only paying for the brand and marketing. When you’re crafting, you also have the freedom to add a personal touch or customize it according to your needs.

Carpets are More Affordable than Fancy Flooring

Using carpets is a great alternative to fancy flooring Singaporeans when it comes to budget-friendly flooring options. These prove to be more cost-effective than parquet flooring or marble tiles. You’ll be surprised to know that even a plain vinyl flooring can look impressive with the right kind of carpeting.

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Repairing a damaged flooring or cracked tiles can be very expensive as compared to carpets. Purchasing and replacing a carpet is cheaper, however, you’ll have to do more vacuuming every time it gets dirty.

Don’t Bust Your Budget by Installing a False Ceiling

Installing a false ceiling is likely to drain your money, especially if you need special detailing on the ceiling. Additionally, once you’ve installed and paid for this, you’ll have to be prepared for other potential costs such as maintaining and repairing the false ceiling, AC ducts leak, and faulty electrical wiring, and more. In such situations, you’ll need to hire a professional Singapore home interior design firm to fix these things. So, as far as possible, try to avoid using a false ceiling in your HDB flat.

Painting Walls is a Great Option than Installing Wallpapers

Installing wallpapers is not a practical option due to Singapore’s humid weather conditions as it causes rapid discoloration, peels and cracks. You’ll probably hire an expert Singapore home interior design company that can help you replace these damaged wallpapers and do everything all over again. The entire installation process is quite expensive and time-consuming. Therefore, it is wise to paint your walls as paints can withstand humid weather conditions which means reduced maintenance costs.

Try to Cover Your Reno Costs within Six Months

If you’re planning to renovate your house to increase your asset value, you should set a rent that can cover the cost of the entire renovation within six months. You must also consider the demographic of your potential tenant. Renovations can have a significant impact if you’re renting out an HDB flat or mass-market unit to foreigners with a big housing allowance.

The Bottomline

Better planning, implementation, and control over the reno costs are the key components of a budget-friendly-Singapore home interior design process. So, if you’re budget-conscious and looking for ways to save more money and time, plan diligently by analyzing your needs and budget. Stick to your budget-plan as much as possible and keep yourself away from unnecessary reno costs. Do consult with a professional Singapore home interior design firm to learn tips and tricks to save big bucks on renovation costs.