Spinal Pain Different symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Spinal pain may occur in the lower back (lumbar region) and the neck (cervical region) area. As the pain is highly prevalent, you may have to stay at home for many days. The most common causes of back, spinal pain is lumbar muscle strains and sprains. Spinal pain may also occur in the thoracic spine area, but as the region is much more rigid, this area is much less frequently attacked than the cervical and lumbar spine. If you are suffering from spinal pain, then you should immediately consult the best spine doctor in Delhi.

The lumbar and cervical spinal is often get injured because of its movement, bending and twisting and its weight-bearing function. Lumbar muscle strain has occurred when fibers of the muscle are abnormally stretched or torn. Lumbar muscle strain has happened when ligaments are suddenly stretched. Both of these can be caused because of a sudden injury or from over carrying heavy things.

The soft tissues of the lumbar muscle become inflamed when the lumbar spine is strained and sprained. Because of the inflammation, spinal pain occurs.

There are three types of muscles which give support to the spine

  •       Extensors or Back muscles and gluteal muscles
  •       Flexors or abdominal muscles and iliopsoas muscles
  •       Oblique rotators or side muscles.

What Are The Symptoms Of Spinal Pain?

Non-surgical low back, thoracic and cervical pain usually attacks the para-spinal or central soft tissues around the area of the chest and down the legs. If the spinal pain occurs, then it may cause nerve problem also, which is not fast recoverable.

Some other symptoms include:

  •       Having stiffness in the lower back area, which is reducing the range of motion.
  •       Due to stiffness or pain unable to maintain normal posture.
  •       Spinal pain persists for maximum 10-14 days.
  •       Cannot able to walk in a motion.

Diagnosis Of Spinal Pain

  •       X-ray

It is a texting procedure to produce a picture of the bone or outline of the joints of the affected part of the body. X-rays of the spine is mandatory testing that you have to do to find the actual cause of the pain. From the x-ray report, it will be cleared that whether you have any tumors, infections, or fractures.

  •       MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging)

By this testing, three-dimensional images of the body structure have been produced by using powerful magnets and the latest computer technology. MRI can generate the image of the spinal cord, the surrounding area of the nerve root, and tumors. Along with that, it can also detect inflammatory processes like infections and fractures.

  •       CT scan

This type of testing generates boney details of the soft tissues and nerves.

Treatment Of Spinal Pain

  •       Non-Surgical

If you are facing spinal pain problem then without wasting any time, you should consult spine doctors or physiotherapy for neck pain or back pain. Your doctor will diagnose whether the spinal problem is severe or not. If he finds it a minor issue, then he will prescribe some medicines and tell you to take full bed rest. The doctor may also suggest doing physical therapy. The therapists will do the needful according to the doctor’s diagnosis; by this, you can get relief from spinal pain. The treatment includes several procedures like pelvic traction, massage, ultrasound, ice and heat therapy, and electrical muscle stimulation.

Some Additional Techniques To Getting Rid Of Spinal Pain 

  • To provide more spinal stability, do crunches, and abdominal-muscle exercise regularly. Along with that, swimming, brisk walking, and bicycling are useful to reduce spinal pain.
  • You should follow the proper moving and lifting techniques like you should not lifting a heavy object by bending your body.
  • You should maintain the correct posture of standing and sitting.
  • Quit smoking as soon as possible, as smoking is not safe for atherosclerosis which can be the reason for lower back pain.
  • Try to avoid stressful situations, as it may cause muscle tension.
  • You should not gain overweight as it may cause lower back pain.