Sri Bhairava Swamy Temple of Parpally Telangana


 Sri Bhairava Swamy Temple is located in the village named Parpally, in Kotapalli Mandal, in the district of Adilabad, in the state of Telangana, in South India. The chief deity of this particular temple is Lord Sri Bhairava Swamy. It is to be remembered that Lord Bhairava Swamy is the form of Lord Shiva in an angry mood. There are tales related to this particular Lord in the Hindu religious literature and scriptures. It is a unique shrine dedicated to this particular Lord in the state of Telangana. It is to be highly noted that there are only few Hindu temples dedicated to this Lord in South India with a lot of perfection. This lord is considered as the family Lord by certain communities of this region to a great extent. It is strongly believed that that the lord totally protects his worshippers and blesses for their happiness and prosperity in the personal and professional life.

Religious Significance

Sri Bhairava Swamy Temple of Parpally is generally known for its religious significance. It is one of the unique Hindu temple in the Northern part of Telangana where the ancient Hindu customs and traditions are strictly followed without any kind of deviation in any given situations and circumstances. The Vedic rules and regulations are also strictly followed as per the need and requirement in the religious poojas, rituals, homams, yagnas and other affairs in the spiritual manner. It is the right spot for seeking the blessing of the Lord through right kind of religious offering by the adherent devotees and pilgrims. According to the latest survey conducted at this shrine, it has been witnessed that a large number of devotees from the state of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Goa and Madhya Pradesh. There are a good number of people from these regions who wholeheartedly consider this particular Lord as their family deity with great faith and devotion.

Architectural Significance 

Sri Bhairava Swamy Temple of Parpally is largely based on the South India Hindu temple architectural styles and pattern. In this shrine, building structures, there are good shades of the touch of architectural features of Karnataka and Maharashtra regions. As per the local legends and religious scholars, the interior of this temple is based on the local and regional architectural features of Telangana. It is a medieval Hindu Temple that has a resemblance of an ancient Hindu temple in many aspects.  The idol of Lord Bhairava Swamy stands erect on the raised platform in the main sanctum. The main sanctum is larger in size with a tall tower or Vimana just above its head. The tower or Vimana has beautiful sculptures of Local Gods and Goddesses in the dancing forms. The prayer hall is just beside the main sanctum with many pillars that are attractively carved with religious images and objects. There are just few sub-temples that are largely dedicated to the associated Gods and Goddesses of this particular Lord in a religious manner. It is strongly claimed that this shrine was perfectly built in a successful manner as per the Vasthusastra.


Sri Bhairava Swamy Temple of Parpally celebrates all the major and minor Hindu festivals related to this Lord in a religious manner. As per the Hindu religious calendar, most of the auspicious days are marked with various types of poojas, homams and yagnas in a grand manner. These religious affairs are conducted as per the Vedic rules and regulations. Local people along with their family members, close friends and relatives actively participate in the daily religious affairs of this shrine with devotion and faith.

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