Things You Should Consider Doing Before Going on Aconcagua Climb

Aconcagua is the highest mountain in the southern and western hemispheres and the second highest of the seven summits with a height of 22, 837 ft.

It is in the Mendoza Province Argentina, in the Andes Mountain range. It lies around 112 km northwest of the provincial capital, Mendoza.

There was a time when Mount Aconcagua used to be a volcano when the oceanic plate dipped at a higher angle under the continent.

The mountain is bounded by the Valle de las Vacas to the north and east and the Valle de los Horcones Inferiour to the west and south. Aconcagua provincial park is the part of the surroundings of Aconcagua mountain.

It is one of the favorite spots for birds. As here you will see many varieties of bird inhabiting including the rare ones such as the condor, the puple eagle, agachona, etc.

There are lots of low bushes like yellow firewood, yareta, and goat horn, making the mountain look heavenly beautiful.

Every year a huge number of climbers come here to try the Mount Aconcagua’s summit. It is one of the favorite mountains among mountaineers. Every step here you take comes with danger.

One little mistake can threaten your life. So, the challenges make this mountain popular among adventure-seeking people.

So, what are things you should consider practicing before going on an Aconcagua hike?

  • First, you need to be in good physical condition. Mountain climbing requires strength it is well known to all. But Aconcagua is popular for its harsh weather. So, without being in a sound body you won’t be able to continue the journey.
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Before going for a hike, you need to check your ability to acclimatize. This will require patience and honest judgment. Remember if you cheat you will endanger your own life. Good physical ability will aid your ability to trek at high altitude while carrying a rucksack.

  • In the mountains you will not get your comfortable bed with you. So, it is better to practice sleeping on hard surfaces. For some people, it is hard to sleep on rock and ice in a tent.

So, it will lead to sleepless nights. And you won’t be able to take proper rest. Thus, making yourself incapable of Aconcagua hike.

  • It is important that you get your feet hardened and ready for Aconcagua climb. As the roads of the mountains are not the usual one, we walk on daily life. Try walking with double boots or plastic mountaineering boots. Then you will get used to walking with heavy and stiff boots.
  • There’s a medical test at base camp before climbing to check whether your body is capable of hiking. So, when you leave your house consider having a medical test to check whether you are ready or not. And prefer a healthy diet and lifestyle prior to one month before climbing.

Bottom line on Aconcagua Hikeif mountaineering is your passion or if you want to see the nature closely then you should go for a climb once in a lifetime. There are organizations who provide guided climb on Aconcagua. They have experienced mountaineers to guide you along the whole expedition. This will definitely lower the risk of life.