Tips On How To Evaluate The Quality Of The Sofa Before You Buy One

Are you someone who literally begins and ends your day on the sofa? Or like to enjoy a soiree` with friends over a cosy seating arrangement in the living room? Whatever the use, your sofa literally has your back always. More so, at a time where the world is inching more towards working from home, your sofa probably is doubling as a common area for the family to entertain themselves with television and conversation or as a work from home seat to attend conference calls from. That’s why it’s important to invest in a sofa set for the living room that is not only aesthetically pleasing but offers comfort and support to your overall body, in its awkward positions! (Think head-on armrest, legs on the coffee table). After all, if this focal piece of furniture stands out from the rest of the furniture for its beauty, it’s worth picking one that’s good quality, sturdy and lasting. If you are looking to invest in a new sofa set, read on to know how to make the right choice. 

How to Pick the Best Sofa?

Set Intention

We cannot highlight the importance of this step enough. Although it may seem obvious, like of course we want a sofa set for seating or to fit in with other furniture, are there other uses too? Who’s going to be using these sofas often? Are there kids in the house exposing the furniture to accidental spills? Do you need additional storage space within the sofa set? Are you going to be napping on the sofa a lot? Set your priority intentions of the furniture and it’ll certainly help zero down the key factors that make your sofa worth it. Being proactive in this step can save you a lot of time from shopping and getting overwhelmed with the choices available in the market.

Know your Fabric

What meets the eye as gorgeous fabric need not be the best in terms of maintenance and quality. Buying a sofa with cheap materials will only last a few years or even lesser. So, try not getting dizzy with excitement about the bright colours and patterns of the upholstery but understand that each material has its own charm and valuable properties. 

While often leather is the preferred choice for its durability and class, they are an expensive option and do not necessarily give a cosy feel until accessorized with cushions and throws. Natural fabrics like linen, cotton and wool, on the other hand, give an earthy look and breathable feel while certainly fitting within a budget. However, these are considered a poor choice if you have pets or children as they are hard to maintain and clean on a daily basis. If you are someone who houses both children, pets and adults who love an endless snooze on the couch, manmade fibre like polyester or a mix is your best bet. It is not only easier to maintain but can increase durability too. 


Your sofa is your next best companion after a bed. That’s why it’s incredibly important to choose one that offers excellent lumbar support while you transform into a couch potato or a superhuman ready to log into your laptop. Choosing fillings like feather or fibre is great for relaxed sofas to sink in, however, if you want a couch that’ll hold shape and yet is a dream to sit on, opt for foam. Smart brands like Wakefit vouch for this as the inner filling, owing to their brilliant property of offering full-body support. It’s not as bouncy nor soft enough to completely sink in, it’s just right. The Wakefit Napper L-shape sofa design has large removable cushions and a greater thickness in the centre seats that guarantees comfort while alleviating posture pains.


The quality of the framework used to construct the sofa decides the overall strength and sturdiness of the furniture. A top-quality frame is made of oak, teak, Sheesham, walnut, neem and the likes. Lesser good quality frames are made of softwood that can crack or buckle leaving you with a highly unreliable sofa to sit on. However, manufacturers still use softwood layered thick and stapled together, as it’s a cheaper alternative to hardwood and typically can last you up to 3 years. If you intend to choose this option for its budget-friendly plus point, go for the one’s that has at least 11 to 13 layers of plywood. 

The legs of the sofa form part of the frame and therefore should be checked if sturdy before purchase. Depending on the style of sofa (think: classic mid-century sleek or a day bed even), the legs of the sofa have to be strong and turned for weight distribution. The added height of legs also adds to the style quotient while making it simple to clean under too.

Suspension System

If the frame was the skeleton, the suspension system is the ligaments of the sofa. Cushions do give a sense of comfort and bounce but it’s the suspension system underneath that actually manipulates the seating comfort. Springs are the most common system and the only way to evaluate them is by listening for squeaks or creaks when sitting on them. Anything loud indicates a loose or faulty spring. 

Instead, opt for strappy elastic bands that are strong, comfortable and safe. These are attached to frames underneath making a perfect platform for cushions. They are also more lightweight than springs.


A quality sofa manufacturer will offer a good warranty period for repair or replacement should there be any defects in the frame or material defects, among others. While some offer a minimum of 12 months, other reputable brands go up to 3 years too. Make sure to look up the terms and conditions included in the warranty.

The furniture you place in your living room speaks volumes of your style choice and vibe. The choice of your sofa set, in fact, dictates or certainly impacts the decision making of the rest of the furniture that sits with the sofa set in the living room. Now that you have ready knowledge about what to look for when investing in one for your living room, you won’t be tempted to fall for the gimmicky online sales or the salesman pitches. Instead, enjoy a long-lasting meaningful relationship choosing the best armrest you’ll ever rest your head on, your couch.