Tips to Clear Government Job Exams without Coaching

When you dream of working in the government sector, then the first challenge you must face is the competitive recruitment process. So if you are wondering if you need to join a coaching institute for your preparation, then you are not alone. It seems like a worthy investment if it lands you your dream job, but is it really necessary?

While many people falsely believe that it is not possible to get through without the help of a structural study format offered by coaching centres, this article will tell you how you can crack that coveted Sarkari Naukri without the coaching. Read on to learn how!

Use online study material for the preparation
According to many experts, the online study material is on par with the one they use in a coaching institute. With the right guidance and schedule, it is possible to be more productive and learn on your own. Take help from PDFs, e-books, question papers, mock tests, test series, lectures, etc. to self-study. It is the vast availability of helpful content that has enabled many students to depend on online study material instead of opting for time-consuming classroom study.

Appear in multiple competitive exams
The good thing about government job preparation is that you can appear in more than one exam and still focus on only one. By taking multiple exams, it will prepare you for the challenges and the type of questions you will face when the real one comes along. It will also prepare you for the difficulty levels as well as your weak points. You can use this knowledge to strengthen your weak areas for the next exam.

Follow a step-by-step approach
The best approach to follow when preparing for government exams to go step-by-step. Focus more on scoring sections such as English, Mathematics, and general knowledge that are common and crucial for all government job exams. Fill up the online form for these exams well within the deadline and make sure that you do not miss the application as well as exam dates. Set reminders and notifications to remind you of the upcoming exam.

Start practicing at least 2 months in advance
Don’t wait for the last minute to prepare for the exams. Start at least 2-3 months in advance so that you are already aware of your weak areas so that you can simultaneously work on it.

Be aware of the syllabus and pattern
Before you make any actionable strategy for your exam, it is important to be aware of the syllabus as well as the pattern. Once you are fully aware of these details, you will be able to focus on important topics and score top marks to be eligible for subsequent steps.

Make a study plan
This is the most important step that will keep you on top of your schedule. Once you have all the details of the exam you want to appear, you must prioritize your studies based on topics in which you are the strongest or weakest. Start with the ones that need the most attention. If you are weak at Math, then practice that more than the others. Once you are adept at it, you can pick up your next weak subject and build from there. Always prepare to keep in mind that you will be negatively marked for wrong answers.

Manage your time wisely
With so much on your plate and in absence of a clear schedule that you get in a classroom study, the onus falls on you to manage your time wisely and efficiently. This is where making a study plan work wonders in helping you reach your goal. In an ideal situation, you must spend at least two hours each on reasoning and general knowledge with at least 4 hours dedicated to quantitative aptitude. You can also tweak this plan based on your personal preference.

Remember to make time for practice
Whatever you study during the day must be revised properly at the end of the day. Most students make the mistake of not revising their study material properly. Mark all the important topics and make short notes that you can read on the go. Writing everything down will also help you memorize all that you have learned.

Learn how to crack the interview
When you are well-prepared for the written exam, you must also simultaneously prepare yourself for the interview. Remember, that confidence is the key. Therefore, prepare yourself for a quick rehearsal with the help of your friends and family members. Always stay motivated and make preparation notes as a ready reckoner.

The key to success in cracking government job exams is preparation. There is no such thing as over-preparation so spend as much time