Tips to Study Maths for Class 7

Exams are held at the end of every class to examine the student’s capability and understanding. Many students have a fear of exams but they fail to realize that a good educational background can be very helpful in life. Having a good and strong base of knowledge is required to enhance in higher studies. Scheduling the study, not just assists in passing the exams but also helps to pass it with flying colors. Exams will be easy if done with perseverance, hard work, and discipline. The most important thing to be kept in mind while preparing for mathematics is practice. Additional practice of every topic leads to enhanced understanding. The tips to study Mathematics for CBSE Class 7th students are as follows:

  • Students should keep stress on the formulas and theorems. Students should first study from NCERT maths book and solve all the examples and exercise questions prior to moving towards the practice from the additional study material. Students should also practice from MATHS WORKSHEETS FOR CLASS 7 CBSE which is easily available in the market.
  • Students should practice all the chapters that are part of their syllabus. As the question range of class 7 is very limited and students should solve each and every question.
  • Establish a better understanding of the chapters as it will assist if you forget the derivations, formulas, theorems or challenging questions. A better understanding can be developed by watching videos of different topics available on the online platform which will help in developing an interest in the topic.
  • Concepts should be clear to the students by understanding them in as much depth as possible. Then, attempt the questions according to the topics and chapters. Also, practice the 7th CLASS MATHS STUDY MATERIAL CBSE that is available in the market like additional books, sample papers and also solve the previous year question papers.
  • The topics for having a higher weight should be given more time and importance. Previous year question papers should also be attempted to enhance the confidence and will provide you a feel of the test. It will also assist in brushing up all the concepts prior exam.
  • Just reading the topics and thinking that you have understood it, is just an illusion. Instead, practice the topics and clear all your concepts before the exam.

The above-mentioned tips will help the students in preparing for their Maths exam. Students should also make a study plan and follow it and should also have a designated study area and prevent possible distractions. Avoid cramming and understand the whole concept in depth. In exam days, students should take proper diet and avoid skipping meals and have a sound sleep for 8 hours to rest your brain as this will enhance productivity. If there is any doubt in a topic, clear it immediately from your respective teacher and avoid procrastination. Just practice the previous year’s question papers before the exam day and revise all the concepts that you have learned. Maths is not a subject that you can learn, it is a subject of practice and Practice leads to Success.