Top 4 Tips to Achieve Perfect Shave for Men

Do you always end up getting bruised and cut when you shave? Or your skin does not feel the way you want them to be post-shaving? Well, if you have been struggling with issues similar to these then do not feel shy.

Since nailing that perfect shave look can be a tricky business to deal with. But fret not! You can ace the game of shaving with the implementation of few simple tricks.

Read till the end to find out these life-saving tips for getting that perfect look every time you shave.

1.Sharp and single blade razors to your rescue

Many individuals tend to make the mistake of using blunt razor blades for shaving. The result out of which is not at all flattering. In fact, the risk of getting ugly cuts and bruises are more if you make use of a dull bladed razors.

Plus, the trend of using multiple razor blades is not at all preferable for your skin. As the skin of your face is delicate and using more than one balded razors can take a toll on your skin.

Instead, it is recommended use sharp and single blade razors or safety razors like Baili safety razor for getting that smooth shave.

2.Apply 20-Minute Rule

You have to understand the different tendency of your skin before you shave. If you have a habit of shaving right after you wake up then stop doing that right now.

Your skin is puffy and dehydrated in the early hours of the morning. Getting a shave in a puffy face can contribute to more cuts. So your skin at least 20 minutes of time to settle.

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Take a nice shower and hydrate your body. Then you can proceed forward to clean shave your face. You’ll see the difference immediately if you apply this 20-minute rule.

3.Cease to use lather shaving creams

Now, you might be quite accustomed to using frothy and foaming shave creams. But do you know how much chemicals goes into the making of these foamy lathered shaving creams?

The prolong use of such harsh chemicals can take a toll on your skin. Stop using the foamy shaving creams as they do not bring anything good. Neither for your shaving nor for your skin.

In fact, opt for non-foaming shave creams or gels that contains organic ingredients. It may take some time for you to get used to this kind of shaving creams but it will definitely do you good for your skin and shave.

4.Always use a shaving brush

Now it is quite common to use your hands instead of a shaving brush to apply shaving cream in your face when you are in a hurry. But skipping a simple tool such as a shaving brush can make a huge difference in the shaving results.

Using a shaving brush not only helps you to evenly apply the shaving gel or cream but even buffs up the skin. Plus, raises the hairs of your face and prep the face for a close shave. Therefore, invest on a good shaving brush for achieving a perfect shaving result.

Implement these tips every time you shave for achieving that perfectly shaved look. From using an apt razor blades like Baili safety razor to using a saving brush, following all the tricks listed above is vital to get a flawless shave.