Top 7 Sunglasses Brands In India

Since India has a hot and humid climate, the fashion of sunglasses is always followed by the people. Indian men, as well as women, have a craze for sunglasses from last many years. Sunglasses look cool on the face of any person and protect the eyes from harmful particles. There are many popular brands of sunglasses in India which you can try for a stylish look. Let us have a glance at the best sunglasses brands in India. The next on the list is Oakley which was established in the year 1975 in California, USA. It produces some of the most gorgeous sunglasses for men and women.

  1. Fastrack

At number 1, it is undoubtedly a Fastrack brand. Established in the year 1998, this brand was initially the part of Titan Watches and then separated from it in the year 2005. Fastrack is the good sunglasses brand offering some of the most beautiful frames and lens. Apart from being stylish, the sunglasses of Fastrack protect the eyes from UV rays, pollutants, dust, and other harmful gases. Due to lightweight feature, you can easily carry Fastrack sunglasses in a handbag, backpack or a purse. Whether it is day or night, these sunglasses give your face a charming look and enhance your persona as well. You can easily buy great discount on sunglasses online using Amazon Offers.

  1. CK Jeans

The next on the list is CK Jeans and it is one of the best sunglasses brands in India. It proffers the superior quality sunglasses for males and females. Calvin Klein is an American brand manufacturing home furnishings, leather goods, and fashion accessories. The lens of CK Jeans is made from polarized glass which gives a protective covering to your eyes. Further, CK Jean’s sunglasses come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. They look sophisticated while driving or traveling or for beautifying your personality.

  1. Hidesign

If you want innovative as well as elegant sunglasses, go for Hidesign brand. This brand was founded in the year 1978 by two men. Later, it expanded to other countries of the world because of its unique craftsmanship in luxury goods. The sunglasses of Hidesign need no introduction or specification. They look smart as well as trendy on your face. Besides that, the lens of these sunglasses is carved out of fine material. Hidesign’s sunglasses can remain good for many years and they are lightweight as well.

  1. 4. Ray-Ban
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Ray-Ban is the synonym of sunglasses in India. Having stunning colors and shapes, the sunglasses of Ray-Ban are perfect for any trip. Ray-Ban is one of the best sunglasses brands in India manufacturing innovative sunglasses such as ClubMasters, Aviators, and others. They are lightweight, flexible and protective for eyes. The prices of Ray-Ban sunglasses are little high but they are durable as well. This American brand is popular in India as well as other countries of the globe. You can check the different sunglasses of Ray-Ban on various online shopping sites.

  1. Oakley

The next on the list is Oakley which was established in the year 1975 in California, USA. It produces some of the most gorgeous sunglasses for men and women. The main reason why people in India choose this brand is because of its HD vision feature. These sunglasses protect the eyes in summer and rainy season too. Oakley sunglasses have solidly constructed frames and do not damage in wind, dust, and sunrays. They give a sporty look to both males and females.

  1. Polaroid

Stylish, sophisticated and bold are the adjectives for sunglasses of Polaroid. They are made from modern technology and have a polarized lens. Further, the designs of Polaroid are different and trendy. It offers sunglasses for every skin tone. You can grab a pair of Polaroid sunglasses while going on a family trip or a beach party with friends. They are designed for any time of the day. To get all the latest designs and colors of Polaroid sunglasses, you can check different online sites.

  1. Velocity

If you are a true lover of sunglasses, choose Velocity brand. It offers a wide variety of sunglasses in various beautiful shades and shapes. Irrespective of your age, Velocity has the sunglasses which suit your personality. Due to hot summers in India, the males, females, and kids prefer Velocity over other ordinary brands. The lens of Velocity sunglasses protects the eyes from dust, pollutants and toxic particles of the environment.  Moreover, if you are looking for Amazon recruitment then it could be the best chance to try it.


These are the best sunglasses brand in India and people choose because of its uniqueness and different designs. In spite of the high prices, people in India select them for adding a rich touch to their personality. So now, choose one of the above sunglasses brands and make yourself look a class apart from other people.