Top Amazon Marketing Hacks To Successfully Run Business

Amazon is one of the remarkable platform and marketplace that does much of the heavy lifting. Be it shipping, order processing, inventory details or related stuff, all are managed by Amazon and this has become the reason sellers are choosing Amazon to expand their business and earn more revenue. The sellers also hire Amazon product listing services to get an optimized Amazon platform.

Being the world’s largest e-commerce storefront, Amazon magnetizes maximum traffic to your product listing. An average conversion rate on Amazon product detail page is considered 15%.

It has been observed Amazon product page traffic has a purchasing mindset. Check out the critical elements to increase the conversions on your Amazon product listing:

1. Product Title Influence Buying Decisions

There are some traditional elements that you must include in a product title such as:

  • Brand name
  • Product type
  • Features such as colour, size or use
  • USP of the product

Some strategies you should follow:

  • Place top keywords at the initial position in the product title
  • Educate customers more about your product
  • Don’t cram the product title with full of keywords that don’t make sense

Hire product upload services as the dedicated copywriters will weave the sentences and phrases easily that would be readable, and attractive to shoppers.

2. Put Emotional Product Images

As per the research, it has been found that perfect or good images bring around a 15% conversion rate.

Amazon prefers the main image in a white background and all the digital photographs should be crystal clear and professional. The main image should not include accessories which are not in the main product’s list.

Product images play a very critical role in product buying, so upload 5-9 images of your product wisely.

What should you include:

  • Different angle photography (side, top, close up)
  • Back of a product label
  • Product in action picture
  • Product’s features or comparison
  • Product infographic
  • Display product’s size as compared to a human holding it
  1. If They Can’t Read It, They Won’t Come Back

Convince your buyers by your product title and images and seal the deal.

Make straightforward Amazon’s bullet points and use those five spaces for bullet points wisely. Use short paragraphs instead of long sentences and focus on the features and benefits of your product. Address any objections or query that might cause someone not to buy.

4. First Impressions Is The Last

Focus on your product rating and reviews and stars as a potential or serious buyer will definitely look after them. In a research, it has been found that “a product with an average star rating of 4 or 4.5 stars will typically outperform a similar product with only 3 or 3.5 stars.”

When you outsource Amazon management services, you will get plenty of more advantages with Amazon product listing services and product review management. The experts will address the queries or dissatisfactory comments on your products to calm them and incite further sales from the third reader.