Top Features Of Seedbox That Makes Them The Best Partner For Torrenting

You may have heard this before but the task of torrenting is not so easy to accomplish. Diminished speed, multiple trackers, ISP throttling are some of the common troubles that you might have faced while downloading the torrents.

However, there’s a solution for all of your torrenting queries. The remote hosting server named seedbox could become the best partner for achieving tremendous torrenting experience.

But what exactly makes them suitable for boosting the task of torrenting? Well, to find the answers you got to keep on reading till the end of this blog.

1.      Reliable Security

The fear of being tracked creeps us all when it comes to downloading or uploading torrent files. Your home network IP address would be out there vulnerably exposed to millions of trackers.

But once you get the service of seedboxes, there is nos such fear. This powerful server enables you to download or upload multiple torrents in a safe and secure environment.

Your worry about being unprotected would be no longer an issue once you start using this multi-functional server.

2.      Boosted Speed

Now here’s another reason why this server is the best companion for all your torrenting needs. No matter how big the file size is, with the use of this remote hosting server you’ll achieve an improved speed.

This super-server offers stable speed ranging from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps. Now that’s something all torrent users seek to have. Maybe this is the reason why seedbox is extremely popular among avid torrent users.

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Say you wanted to download a hugely sized OS for your PC. With the stable speed network of this server, your desired torrent will be downloaded and saved in a jiffy.

3.      Avoids Bandwidth Throttling

You may have an excellent internet connection at the leisure of your home. But when it comes to torrenting you cannot see the impressive. After a few minutes of providing reliable speed, your download rate slows down tremendously.

This happens as a result of your ISP’s bandwidth capping. Once your ISP detects your home networks increased network they limit the usage intentionally.

However, with the use of this server, you maintain the privacy of your IP address from your ISP. Hence, it helps you to avoid the torturous process of bandwidth throttling.

4.      Add on features

If you think that seedbox can only help you ease up your task of torrenting only then you are certainly wrong. Depending on the service provider you can get the bonus feature of VPN as well.

Plus, some seedboxes have a pre-installed Plex that helps the user to stream media files right from the server itself. Hence, the user does not require to transfer the downloaded files into their PC’s storage.

These are some of the best features of this super-server that makes them the perfect pair for accomplishing torrent activities.