Top Qualities Of a Great Fashion Designer

The fashion world is exploding and many want a piece of the cake. You may be having the potential to make it big in the fashion world.

Are you fond of reading fashion magazines like Vogue or do you keep track of fashion blogs? If so, it certainly indicates a desire to follow in the footsteps of Chanel or Versace.

Many young people harbor the dream of becoming top designers. But not all are cut for the profession. The following are top skills and qualities to become a great fashion designer:


 Do you have an artistic flair? Are you known for a distinctive personal style or appreciate dance, music and the fine arts. For success in the fashion world, it is necessary to have an innate sensitivity and personal style. Both imagination and artistry can provide one the instincts required to turn raw materials into a beautifully finished product.


Are you adept at drawing? If so, it is great as you need this skill to pursue a successful career in fashion design. Strong skills in drawing are mandatory in fashion, since designers need to have the capacity of imagining a concept and bring it out on paper.

In case you lag behind in this skill, you can enroll in classes for practicing drawing dresses, ball gowns, pants and any garment that you are visualizing to design.


Fashion design needs a good sense of fabric, color and texture. For instance you must know whether a garment works best in silk or chiffon or anything else. You must also decide which combination of colors is likely to be flattering on a particular type of clothing.  These are the details which make a design stand out. Learn about details from fashion designing colleges in Delhi.


Before coming to the phase of drawing, a great designer must have strong skills of visualization. This makes her able to translate ideas on paper such that team workers understand the idea of garment she has conceived, when they work towards a finished product.


One must collaborate with colleagues to design accessories, footwear and clothing. This also needs strong people skills. This not only helps you to encourage your design team but also enables you to share your vision effectively with colleagues.


A great designer must have a thorough understanding of the business world, such as marketing, sales and finance. This is vital for success in the fashion world. The essence of fashion maybe creativity, but a good grasp over business is essential for sustaining a fashion brand and making it profitable. The fact is that, many talented designers have failed due to poor understanding of the business side of fashion.


It is good to have a competitive spirit to come out with innovative designs. You may not wish to lag behind or follow meekly, the competition in the market. You may desire to be a trend setter and have a complete understanding of the fashion industry to keep ideas fresh.


A great rapport and collaborative spirit among different departments of the fashion house permits creativity to flourish and contributes to total success.

These are some of the qualities of a good fashion designer.