Types of laser marking machines to make a unique identification mark on your product

The efficiency of a laser marking machines through Laser Coding System can never be neglected. Laser marking has become one of the popular topics of late. Starting from marking anything including plastics, ceramics, bottles to marking a product identification mark. With the customization feature you can even include your brand name or logo through this marking. This has taken place in ever industry in recent years. Especially for industrial usage, laser marking is the popular one. The popularity of laser marking is because here the ink, tape or chemicals aren’t required to print anything. This marker like green laser marker can be used to mark anything like plastics, metals, ceramics and composites.

How does laser marking system work?

During the laser marking process the surface material should be interacted by a laser beam. This create high contrasted marks without disrupting the material. The process follows by a discoloration step. This step helps to maintain the product quality without damaging material.

The importance of laser marking system

If you start a business which deals with selling products, the primary responsibility is to drive customers to your store. Without the customer acquisition it becomes impossible to generate revenue. Since, you’re always in a competition with other in the market especially with people of the same field, you should make a unique step to attract customers. Laser marking can help you with this. It can make your product more competitive. Also it increases the chances of your products getting sold.

There are 4 different types of laser marking systems through High speed laser coding machines.

  • Fiber laser marking system
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The fiber laser marking system can increase the marking speed 100 times higher than any ordinary co2 laser marking. Fiber laser marking provide detailed and apt marking facility. If you want to trace your product or identify it thorough its marking, then fiber laser marking can be helpful.

  • Diode laser marking system

In diode laser marking system, the laser diode has to be pumped to mark on anything. The main advantage of this marking system is that it uses minimum power while operating. When you’re looking for a cost-effective solution for marking a product then this laser marking is the ideal solution.

  • Co2 laser marking system

Co2 laser marking system is made in a way that it offers efficiency with top-notch beam quality. Mainly it is used for marking any non-metallic materials such as textiles, acrylic, plastics, wood, foils, and leather. Apart from that it can be used for marking alcohol packaging, integrated circuits, and PVC pipes. Mainly the popularity of co2 laser marking is due to its permanent marking on the item. It leaves a lasting impact than any other laser marking system.


Once you’ve come to a point where you know the type of laser marking you need for marking your product, here the next step comes to choose the store. There are many online Laser Coding System available which enables you to make your product competitive. They’ve got wide range of designs and features available for you to choose the best one according to your need.