Why Are Builders in South Bangalore Suddenly in the News?

South Bangalore has always been a top choice for buyers of residential apartments in Bangalore. Over the last decade or so, it has been one of the spots, which is less crowded and promising. However, in this very decade, due to the once felt vacuum, a large number of companies and residential builders have sought the area to dominate for its pricing and popularity. Some factors that really spell success there are upcoming flyovers and connectors, connectivity to water bodies, new building practices and the scope for attractive facilities like in-premises sports and a large proportion of the properties being allocated for green spaces. A balanced approach to construction seems to be the mantra real estate builders in south Bangalore have been following.

builders in south bangalore

Let us explore what makes south Bangalore such a hot spot. If you asked builders, you will find out that a large number of government-sanctioned lands have been allotted for residential and commercial purposes to complement each other, especially in areas easily driveable from Koramangala, Whitefield and Marathahalli. One of the main attractions being the EMZ Ecoworld, the area has livened up the scene in Bangalore, especially for young professionals, and builders are obviously cashing in on it.

Why Focus On Builders In South Bangalore?

Buying a flat in Bangalore is a dream for many. However, affordability becomes a big question, especially with high incomes being the norm. Exceptionally good paymasters fill the city. That is why the average buyer is always on the lookout for a good deal on the outskirts, and why not! The idea is to find a flat in an area which is not so “downtown” yet, but will soon become. That is where the appreciation value plays a role. However, spots in south Bangalore for new real-estate projects are not very far from the city. In fact some of them are very close (10 minutes by car) from Silk Board and equally sought after projects lie in the Sarjapur Road connector bed. As a result, it is easy to see why builders in south Bangalore are a win-win option for many.

Is There A Big Rush?

The south Bangalore area is filled with offices of many international companies such as Honeywell, Intel, Microsoft and Infosys. If you remember, many of your city friends visit the south corridor for work and stories of travelling to the area from more well-known parts of the city spelled nightmare. All that is changing fortunately, with new flyovers and road expansions taking place. As a result, buyers are rushing in. However, that is no reason for you to take a hasty decision. Always remember that choosing a flat carefully, taking your time to get convinced about the local details is vital. At the same time, possession of those flats is mostly a year or two down the line. So, take your time and make a decision that fits your work life and family’s needs.

What Will South Bangalore Look Like In A Couple Of Years?

As a frequent traveller to the area, one notices a lot of construction coming up. Although over the last few years, south Bangalore has left memories of dusty roads and smoke-filled traffic jams, a significant improvement is already evident. Gated communities are becoming Bangalore’s new attraction, especially in parts which are away from the main city. If you chose a project in the area, within the affordable range of 70 lakhs to 2 crore rupees, you are most likely going to be located in a well-managed private real-estate bed, which has great roads stringing kilometres of area with private security and state-of-the-art amenities. They also offer good commuting facilities and access to hospitals, schools and refreshment zones. However, it is important to check if the builder of your choice has similar standards or is simply charging a bomb because the area has much to its credit.

A lot may be going under the sacrifice list for Bangalore’s upscale buyer, but airy apartments and well-lit ones are definitely in high demand. The question is where to find them. Common sense tells you to look for such apartments in parts which are still scantily built. However, then again, new constructions could kill your hopes. That is why builders in south Bangalore have cashed in on the opportunity of buying large pieces of land, where one can easily find apartments with large green spaces in and around them. Imagine staying a stone’s throw from BTM and Whitefield, yet having access to large sports fields, sprawling gardens, water bodies, cool restaurants and the like for an affordable cost. That is the standard expectation from south Bangalore developers in recent years.