Why Buying Phuket Resort Property is Better than Buying a Condo

For some reason, a lot of people automatically think about condos when investing in not only Phuket but Thailand real estate as a whole. But the island offers much better investment opportunities than just condos. It’s also surprising to see how many completely overlook resort property, especially in a place like Phuket. But there are many reasons why resort property is a much better option than condos in the area. Here are a few reasons why.

Professionally Managed and Hassle Free

When you buy resort property, a lot of the management issues will be taken off your hands. You could buy a villa, townhouse, or apartment within a resort and have everything managed by their property management team.

You will get things like free housekeeping, preventive and routine maintenance, pest control, and more. You can also maximize your returns through established rental programs. They will do most of the legwork for you and make sure that your apartment is always booked. You will then get a cut of the money generated by your apartment. In addition, you’ll also get complimentary use of the property for a set period of time as well in most cases.

Wide Range of Options

Another thing that is great about buying resort property in Phuket is the wide selection you’ll get. Everyone wants to live in a beautiful beachfront villa with staff quarters and a private pool, but that’s not attainable for many people. However, most resorts will have tons of different properties available, and everyone gets the same perks. You could buy villas with rooftop pool Phuket or a simple one bedroom apartment all in the same resort. And both will be built according to the same standards and legal guarantees.

Huge Rental Potential

There’s a certain appeal to resort property that cannot be matched. Resorts attract everybody from honeymooners who want to enjoy an escape and the privacy resort properties offer to families who want a mix between the autonomy of private property and the level of service they get from a resort.

Renting out your property in a hot destination like Phuket should never be an issue, especially if it’s in a renowned resort. People also enjoy the level of security they get from resorts and knowing they can trust a resort more than a private landlord.

Good Resale Value

Resort property has great resale value as well. If at any time you wish to resell the unit, you’ll find that there’s tons of demand for high-end Phuket resort property. Units located in resorts are especially attractive if they have a strong rental history and future bookings. They also hold their value better on average than other types of property.


When it comes to buying real estate in Phuket, there are few better options than resort property. If you want to be able to find great property fast, take your hands off the wheel, and let your property rent itself while you collect residual payments, then this is definitely the right choice for you.