Why Should A Woman Exercise After 50?

There are two terms which describe the beauty of life in old age – aging gracefully. While it may seem too good to be true, it has to be accepted that your body loses strength, metabolism and muscle mass after 50. So what can you do?

why should women exercise after 50

The best option is to begin exercise. Okay, Agreed. You were a housewife for the past twenty to thirty years. You did the household work, curated the garden while your husband went to work and the children to school/college. But of late, you feel rampant bouts of indigestion and weakness after you crossed the age of 50. All the housework you do is indeed an exercise, but it works only on some parts of the body. After you cross half the century line, it is vital to do exercises which can stimulate all parts of the body.

Or are you a working mom? Do you work in the home improvement services industry? You rise at 4 am, do all the household work, prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner for your entire family. Then you scurry off to work. A decade ago, you were respected as a super MOM. Now, after reaching the age of 50, your mobility has slowed down. You feel a memory loss in some factors. Can exercising every day help you back to normal?

The answer is – it will depend on your body type and your present health. However, consistent exercise will definitely help you prevent the effects of becoming old too soon. Regular exercise can provide assistance in taming menopause symptoms – joint pain, sleep problem and hot flashes. It also reduces the risk of easily becoming prone to diabetes, paralytic stroke, heart disease as well osteoporosis. The most important – it melts the belly fat.

As per medical reports, a woman can lose nearly five percent of their muscle tissue after every decade if they cross the age of thirty. The number can increase after they cross the age of 65. Doctors specify that there is a direct connection between the muscle mass and health. More muscle mass means a greater metabolism and your body will not have unnecessary fat.

So, how do you make exercise your daily routine?

  • Do you have a pet dog? In the morning, take it for a walk or jog in the park.
  • In the office, to remain in good health, go for the stairs instead of the lift.
  • Office protocol requires you to send emails to co-workers. But not for every simple mail. You can go from your desk and meet the concerned team worker for discussion.
  • If you are going to lunch which can take a 15-minute walk, hit the road. Do not forget to bring good comfortable shoes with you.

What are the benefits of implementing exercises into your daily routine after 50?

  • Women after 50 are prone to lose bone density. Regular exercises help the bone to remain strong.
  • You should do stretching exercises to remain in shape. If you have joined a weight training session, ensure you do these exercises after the program to loosen the muscles.
  • If you are going for floor exercises or calisthenics, ensure you do the warm-up exercises. These workouts prepare your body for the strenuous workout. In fact, it increases the circulation of the blood, enhances the heart rate as well body temperature, and prepares every muscle for exercise.
  • Also never fail to follow the usual rule. Give a day of rest to the muscles in a week to recover. When you were young, the recovery time was a day, but after 50, it will take more than a day to recover. So you can exercise for one hour every day two times a week.
  • Exercise is necessary, but do not forget to include exercises that can utilize all the muscle groups in the body. For example, triceps, biceps, abs, back, and shoulders. Aim for exercises that can enhance the heart rate similar to dancing or trekking.
  • When you do the stretching exercises, in due course of time, the body becomes flexible and you can get free mobility and greater movement of the body.


Exercise is needed not only for keeping the body, but also for sustaining a positive attitude. In case of a rigorous workout, your body can eliminate toxins in the form of sweat. Exercising after 50 also makes your body strong and immune to simple diseases such as cold and fever.

Also, it prevents bone density loss. A healthy diet, accompanied by consistent exercise can elevate you to a higher fitness level. Remember when it comes to fitness levels, there is no age barrier. You hit the button, exercise and stay in the best of health. Good Luck!